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8 Instagram Accounts Every Fashion Enthusiast Should Follow

8 Instagram Accounts Every Fashion Enthusiast Should Follow

Every fashion enthusiast loves stalking Instagram for inspiration. But the amount of options can be overwhelming! Here are 8 Instagram accounts to follow!

We all enjoy spending endless hours scrolling through Instagram and we all like looking at different types of content; from food; to fitness; to fashion. But every fashion enthusiast knows how satisfying it can be looking through Instagram profiles, seeing the outfits the people we go to for inspiration have put together and what new pieces brands have to offer. The fashion enthusiast in us is always screaming to discover someone new, looking for someone else to follow. So to get the ball rolling for you here are 8 Instagram accounts every fashion enthusiast should follow.

1. Amy Lee (@amy_lee)

Amy Lee is a popular YouTuber and content creator with an impeccable sense of style. Her style is a well thought out mix of grunge, minimalism and city style, everything a fashion enthusiast could love. All of her outfits combine these styles in a modern and sophisticated way and many seem to focus around showing off one key piece. All of her looks are comprised of mono and neutral tones, with the occasional pop of colour, such as red or pink, although she is definitely not afraid to experiment with prints.

2. Karoline Beltner (@Karolinebeltner)

Karoline Beltner is an Instagrammer that every fashion enthusiast should follow! If you’re someone who loves following trends, then this is the Instagram account for you! Karoline uses the shape of the clothes, combining oversized and more fitted pieces to create more interesting silhouettes she also seems to try out (and style beautifully) every new trend out there, to fuse with more classic, timeless pieces.


3. Victoria Pia Elisabeth Waldu (@victoriawaldau)

Victoria Waldau is a Dutch/Swedish Instagrammer and the queen of casual wear. This girl is certainly not afraid of colour, be it pastels or neon’s and has a great edge to her style that every fashion enthusiast will love! She has a great knack of turning casual pieces into an outfit that looks a lot more special.

4. Jen Ceballos (@endlesslyloveclub)

This Instagram account is a good one for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration, or just some aesthetic pictures to get you started, this account is perfect. Based in Columbia, this account is perfect to give you an insight into your summer wardrobe.

5. Amelia Snape (@ameliaalauren)

Amelia’s Instagram is a perfect one for any fashion enthusiast looking for regular fashion inspiration. Amelia uses her Instagram profile as an outfit diary, so you get to see what’s on trend and new in right now, rather than having to traipse back through the ages to find what you like!

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6. Millie Cotton (@millie_cotton)

Millie Cotton is a popular DJ, Podcast Co-host and writer. Great for any budding fashion enthusiast, this profile shows a range of styles from everyday street style; to evening wear (even a trip to the Brit awards!); to lounging around at home.

7. Sophie May (@sophiemay)

Sophie May is an Amsterdam based Instagrammer, with the perfect streetwear style, the envy of every fashion enthusiast. She can dress up a hoodie to make it look fancy or dress down a satin dress to make it casual; this girl can make any piece work for any event.


8. Freja Wewer (@frejwewer)

Freja is an Instagrammer and model based in Copenhagen and London. She has got the all-black-everything look down to a T, something every fashion enthusiast is looking for! Yet, she’s also not afraid to experiment with bright colours and prints, and those aren’t too shabby either!

What do you think about our 8 Instagram accounts every fashion enthusiast should follow? Have you got any others to offer? Let us know in the comments below!

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