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10 Insta Worthy Milkshakes You Need To Get In London

10 Insta Worthy Milkshakes You Need To Get In London

If you are in London and looking for a delicious treat these milkshakes not only taste amazing but they are also insta worthy milkshakes!

Do you ever just have an extreme craving for a milkshake? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every once in awhile or everyday, we all need to satisfy our sweet tooth. Well there’s good news if you live in London, or are just visiting, there are a ton of milkshakes that not only taste delicious but are insta worthy milkshakes as well!

1. Mollybakes

Mollybakes in Dalston has milkshakes that you’ll definitely want to Instagram! They have layers of deserts stacked on top! Brownies, rocky road, marshmallows, honey comb! What ever you want! But be warned, the queue is always out the door here.. So worth it though!

2. Cookies & Scream

This place is perfect for vegans! Located in Camden, this bakery tops your milkshake with a big dollop of ice cream! Super insta worthy! The bigger the better ay?


3. The Diner

The milkshakes from The Diner are to die for! The Honeycomb milkshake comes decorated with flavour, deffo gram worthy if you ask me!

4. Stax Diner

These delicious milkshakes from Stax will have your insta followers jealous! The toppings are so pictures!

5. The Blues Kitchen

These shakes are super rock ‘n’ roll classics! Thick and creamy and so many flavours to choose from! So worth the insta pic!


6. Maxwell’s

Located in Convent Garden you’ll find milkshakes that are super out there they’re overflowing the glass! Getting your moneys worth if you ask me, and worth showing off to your friends on IG.

7.  Sweet Choice

Sweet Choice really does have all the sweet choices! This Gelato parlour in East London is where you want to be on a hot day! Take a selfie with your milkshake!

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8. Sblended

You HAVE to visit Sblended if you’re around Soho! Their milkshakes are personal and tailored to you! Pick your milkshake and you toppings, and see them stack it high!

9. Tinseltown

If you’re into all things colourful, and your Instagram is full of colour, then you have to visit Tinseltown! Their milkshakes will deffo spice up your instafeed.

10. Shake Shack

If you’re after a shake to head to the park with and chill with your friends, then Shake Shack is deffo IG worthy for pics in the park! This is definitely one of the most insta worthy milkshakes!


Do you agree that these are some of the most insta worthy milkshakes? Let us know in the comments below!

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