10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Your Makeup Game

Who doesn’t want to try out some new makeup looks? Exploring with makeup is one of the enjoyable things a girl can do, so why not give these makeup looks a go to step up your makeup game? You’ll be feeling more confident than ever, being proud of your new skills and how good you look. There’s nothing to lose!

1. Natural and Glowing Foundation

Feel natural in your own skin with this sun-kissed and dewy makeup look. Add subtle touches of highlighter after your foundation routine to give your skin a healthy glow. Faux freckles and blushing cheeks are the perfect addition to make you feel cuter than ever.

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Your Makeup Game

2. Sunset Cut Crease Eye Shadow

This makeup look may take a little more time to get perfect, but the end result is totally worth it. Combine all the colours of the sunset in this cut crease look; ranging from bright yellow to rich red. Add some glitter to your inner corner to give this look some extra drama.

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

3. Modern Cat Eye Shadow

Revamp the classic cat eye by blending out the edges with black and brown eye shadow. You’ll look both bold and natural in this makeup look, the neutral colours will go perfectly with every skin tone and eye colour. Who doesn’t love a perfect cat eye?

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

4. Subtle Glitter Eye Shadow

Want to step up your makeup game without using bright eye shadows? Using glitter with neutral eyeshadow is the perfect way to draw attention to your makeup look. Glitter is the perfect way to add opulence to your makeup routine, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t used it sooner!

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

5. Grungy And Sultry Eyes And Lips

Experiment with an entirely new makeup look with this matching grungy makeup look. Pairing dark eye shadow with a bold lip will add balance to your face, as well as brightening up your eyes and skin. Feel free to experiment with both warm-toned and cool-toned brown eye shadows to see which suits you better.

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

6. Monochromatic Eyes And Lips

Best fitting for blue eyes, this monochromatic makeup look is perfect if you want to get creative with your makeup. Blend out a bold red shade on your lids, while putting on a matching lipstick.

7. Glossy Lids

A recent makeup trend, glossy lids are the newest way to step up your makeup game. Lay down an eyeshadow of your choice over your entire lid, then top it all off with a layer of gloss. With this editorial look, enough is never enough!

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

8. Subtle Blue Eye Shadow

An easy way to step up your makeup game is to experiment with colours you’ve never used before. Perfect for all skin tones and eye colours, this blue eye shadow look will make all your friends jealous. This look is easily buildable; begin with light blues and finish with deep sapphires.

9. Warm Red Eye Shadow

Feel powerful and feminine with this intense red eye shadow look. Blend out bright red eye shadow with darker maroons and black to perfect this smoky eye. This look will become your new go-to whenever you go out for the night!

10 Inspo Makeup Looks To Step Up Makeup Game

10. Pigmented Rainbow Eye Shadow

Imagine how good you’ll look (and feel) when you perfect this rainbow makeup look. Why just limit yourself to a few colours when you can have them all? Use a cut crease to contrast the warm colours with the cold colours, experiment with different colour placement to put a unique spin on this already unique look.

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Feature Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/LL1vA5sUs6g
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