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10 Female CEO’s Under 30 Who Will Inspire You

10 Female CEO’s Under 30 Who Will Inspire You

These female CEO's are so inspiring! They have founded some of the most ground breaking companies of our time and are amazing girl bosses!

In a modern day and age where women are beginning to be acknowledged like men, there are so many female CEO’s and successful business women under 30 who inspire the female population. From dating apps to online shopping, we women have proven we can be entrepreneurs too. Take a look at these 10 female CEO’s under 30 who will inspire you.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney, 27, is the founder-CEO of Bumble, a dating app that only allows women to initiate contact. It’s has amassed 11 million registered users as of January 2017. In 2012 Wolfe cofounded Tinder but left the company and sued over sexual harassment claims, which was later settled. She is an inspiration, not only as a successful businesswoman under 30, but because she put dating into the hands of women and allowed them to take control. She inspires us to never be intimated by obstacles or challenges.


Rachel McCoubrie and Elizabeth Robinson

Rachel, 24, and Elizabeth, 30, are the Co-founders and owners of LRM Goods. They are two inspirational entrepreneurs who identified a gap in the market for beautiful leather goods, personalised with your chosen initials, at an affordable price. They inspire us to find your passion and let nothing stop you. There will be times when you will feel completely out of your comfort zone, but embrace this and absorb all the new skills and experiences you can.

Bianca Miller-Cole


Bianca, 27, is the CEO of Personal branding company ‘The Be Group’ and diverse hosiery brand ‘Bianca Miller London’. She started her own business at the age of 23 and is now proud to be the CEO of a company that offers tights to women of all colours after discovering a lack of ‘nude’ tights to suit darker skin tones. She inspires us that if you have a vision, persevere.

Pippa Murray

Pippa, 28, is the Founder of Pip & Nut, the all-natural nut butter brand. Pippa wanted a protein rich snack which wasn’t too healthy but also not too sugary or full of palm oil. So she created Pip & Nut, entered a competition and has been smooth sailing to success ever since. She inspires us that with a kick start and determination you can flourish.


Phoebe Gormely

Phoebe, 22, is the Founder and Tailor-in-Chief of Gormley & Gamble, the first women’s only tailors in Savile Row’s history. She quit university to start her own company and loved the intensity. She inspires us that hard work really does pay off, and let’s be honest she is a feminist inspiration to all women wanting to break the mould. Female CEO’s balance so much so well and we are inspired by them.

Joanne Thompson and Rachel Swidenbank


Joanne, 27, and Rachel, 29, are the Co-founders at Cookoo, a food delivery service offering home-cooked meals from the best local cooks. Cookoo began in Rachel’s kitchen in South East London, where they decided that anyone, anywhere should be able to turn their own kitchen and love of cooking into a successful food business. To prove it, they started cooking themselves and selling to the busy office workers. Since then, they have enabled 30 more cooks to do this, turning their passion for cooking into a profitable business from their own home, and they have 45 more cooks waiting to join. We can learn from these two that they key to starting a business is to be clear and passionate about the problem that you are solving.

Jasmine Eilfield

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Jasmine Eilfield, 23, is a Co-Founder of ExpoCart, an events tech start-up. ExpoCart is a tech start-up in the events space and they are on a one-way mission to reinvent the way people discover and hire equipment for their exhibitions. Their curated marketplace has thousands of products from furniture and props to audio visual equipment which allows people to order everything they need from a network of event suppliers. Jasmine started out working for an event suppliers and realised that she could provide a better service from one platform. She inspires us to be resilient.

Rhonesha Byng

Rhonesha, 27, is the founder and CEO of Her Agenda, a digital media platform for professional and ambitious women. She even won an EMMY award for her hard work. Rhonesha teaches us that anything is possible. Female CEO’s help make the world go around!


Kate Kavanaugh

Kate Kavanaugh, 28, is the co-founder and CEO of Western Daughters Butcher Shop based in Denver. She is trying to reverse the tradition of male butchers by introduction women to the meat industry. Like many of these women, Kate inspires us to break tradition and stand out.

Tiffany Pham


Tiffany, 27,  is the founder and CEO of MOGUL, a worldwide platform connecting women to top trending content, including articles, videos, jobs, events, and products that are personalized to their interests. The platform empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities around the world they would otherwise not have access to. Tiffany inspires us to help others with our success.

Which of these female CEO’s have inspired you? Let us know in the comments below!

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