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15 Insanely Fun And Unique Gifts From Amazon All Under £20

15 Insanely Fun And Unique Gifts From Amazon All Under £20

Why go for the same ole boring gift ideas when it comes to holiday and birthday shopping this year? Here are 15 fun and unique gifts from Amazon under £20!

Why go for the same ole boring gift ideas when it comes to holiday shopping this year? Gift vouchers – dull. Clothes – played out. Cash – well, okay, no one can so no to cash. But instead of going for something totally unoriginal, how about you think a little outside of the box and surprise your giftee with one of these insanely fun and unique gifts. You can literally get the item sent to your door (thank you Amazon) AND they are all under £20! Holiday shopping done and dusted. Here are 15 fun and unique gifts from Amazon under £20!

1. Precarious Drinking Game

Everyone loves a good drinking game. This one supplies you with 50 unique cards to decide who drinks…now that’s my kind of game.


2. Biscuit Pocket Mug

Every glass of milk deserves to be paired with a couple of biscuits. Complete this gift with a package of your mate’s favourite biscuits.

3. Glow in the Dark Zipper Earphones

Getting your earphones tangled in an impossible mess at the bottom of your bag is miserable – we’ve all been there. These earphones zipper together to avoid that monstrous knot AND they glow in the dark!

4. Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Wrap this gift up with a few of your giftee’s favourite movies and you’ve got a thoughtful and personalised present that you might even benefit from (assuming they invite you over for movie night).


5. Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit

If you’re looking for truly unique gifts, consider giving the gift of life… Don’t worry, I’m not talking about babies. Give your friend the ability to grow their own Bonsai tree!

6. Smartphone Projector

If you have a bit of extra cash to spend, consider giving this item alongside the popcorn machine – then you really have the makings for an epic movie night.

7. Instant Table Tennis

Turn any table top into a fun game of table tennis, this gift is perfect for all the game lovers out there.


8. Desktop Beverage Warmer

Forgetting about your once-warm cup of tea while you pound away at the computer leaves you with a cringe-worthy glass of untouched liquid…which often goes to waste. With this beverage warmer, you simple plug it into your laptop’s USB and set the drink on top to stay nice and warm no matter how long your forget about it.

9. Fruit Keg Tap

Transform any fruit into a keg that supplies you with fresh, sweet, delicious juice.

10. Date Idea Book

You might want to reserve this one for those people who actually have a significant other…unless of course you’re trying to hint at something…*wink, wink.* With tons of unique date ideas this a is brilliant gift idea for couples.


11. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

If you’re like the lot of us, you’ve sent many wine glasses to the graveyard. But not anymore. This is one of the most practical unique gifts on the list and honestly, I can’t imagine one person who wouldn’t love to receive these!

12. Ice Ball Molds

These fun ice ball molds allow you to create fruit-infused ice balls to give your cocktails a nice little upgrade. Add a little twist to your plain vodka, lime and soda with a giant raspberry, lime ice ball!

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13. Swearing Adult Colouring Book

Colouring books are known to relieve stress and are actually pretty fun…even if you are no where near being an artist. This one really allows you to convey your emotions with some…expressive…language.

14. Pocket Sized Sriracha

If you know anyone who can’t live without their hot sauce fix, this is the perfect gift for them!

15. Bluetooth Beanie

No need to uncomfortably shove your headphones under your beanie this winter. Slip this cozy hat on, connect the Bluetooth to your phone and listen through the headset integrated directly into the beanie.


Do you have any other fun and unique gifts to add to the list? Share in the comments!



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