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20 Insanely Cool Gifts Under £20 You Can Get On Amazon

20 Insanely Cool Gifts Under £20 You Can Get On Amazon

Why not think outside the box and get something that's better than a typical gift? Here's a list of 20 insanely cool gifts under £20 you can get on Amazon!

All hail Amazon! Amazon is the place to go for when you’re looking for unique, quirky or super cool gifts that you could never find in a store! With the holidays steadily approaching, it’s time to start gift hunting for those special people in your life. But why not think outside the box and get them something that’s better than a typical gift? Here’s a list of 20 insanely cool gifts under £20 you can get on Amazon! Happy shopping!

1. A Mermaid Blanket £16.99

Looking for something cute and creative? Everyone has been going off about the mermaid blankets. For some, it may be just a blanket, but for others it is the chance to dress up and have a bit of fun while taking some time off from reality to relax.


2. A Moon Lamp £15.25

This gift is perfect for kids, young people and even adults. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have their own moon in their bedroom? The best part is that it really imitates a real moon with the different phases. The best thing to do is turn off the lights and enjoy the nice (even though fake) moonlight.

3. A Pretty Terrarium £16.00

Everyone should have an element of nature in their houses. Terrariums are perfect to bring little pops of nature into your home, even when you don’t want to try too hard or don’t have the patience to have real plants. The best part? You can customise it however you want!


4. This Funny Door Mat £15.31

Got someone who just moved to their first house on their own? Or a friend who isn’t the best at receiving visitors? This is the gift for them! There’s no better way to receive people than with a funny door mat. Plus, it saves you the bummer of welcoming guests! There are also many other designs on Amazon, just do a little research and I’m sure you will find the perfect fit.



5. A Warm Onesie

You can’t go wrong with this one…everyone loves a cute, funny and warm onesie. You will be able to find the perfect onesie for every single type of person. Just take a look, when it comes to onesies, Amazon is an entire new world to discover.

6. A Cool Waterproof Speaker £12.99

Who doesn’t like to listen to their favourite songs and sing along in the shower? With this gift, you hardly will get it wrong!


7. A Collection Of Succulent Plants £11.96

Everyone has been going mad for cactus and baby plants. This is the perfect gift for someone who adores plants and wants to add a touch of green to their home.

8. Some Funny Socks £7.99

What about giving a twist to the typical Christmas gift? Sounds perfect to me. These socks are truly big masterpieces. You will create in the person who recives these, the need to show them off !



9. The Doodler Design £19.97

This is the perfect gift for the kids! You have a little cousin that you don’t know that well and you have no idea what to get him or her? This 3-D Design Kit won’t let you down. You will make your cousin the happiest kid in the world.




10. A Flying Shark £19.99

Who wouldn’t want a shark flying around the house? Want to impress the youngsters and give the parents a headache? This is the gift for you. This one definitely tops the list for cool gifts under £20 you can get on Amazon!



11. Adorable Pet Hoodies £8.99

Want to keep your little buddy warm? Or you have a friend that is completely obsessed with his or her pet? Get them a little pet hoodie to keep them stylish. There are loads of options for every single taste.



12. Mug Warmer £8.95

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a warm cup of tea on the cold days? I do, but it’s such a bummer that after a while the tea starts to get cold and it doesn’t taste that good anymore. Well, I have found the solution! This mug warmer can be plugged into the computer and it will keep your drink warm whilst you’re working.



13. Spin the shot £6.99

This is perfect for those friends who enjoy a nice drink every once in a while, or that friend who hosts those Saturday night group dinners. This gift will for sure bring loads of fun and can easily be paired with other games like Truth or Dare.

14. Random Books

Books are always a go-to gift. Instead of going to the classics, why not give it a little bit of humour? Amazon has loads of books that are hilarious to say the least. Just take a look around and you’ll find the perfect gift, I assure you. This is probably one of the funniest cool gifts under £20 you can get on amazon!



15. Cards Against Humanity £20

Everyone’s going crazy about this game, and if you haven’t heard of it, you certainly live under a rock. This gift is perfect to bring for one of those friends’ dinners and have some fun.




16. Drone £17.27

This gift has been the 2016 fever. Everyone will have loads of fun with it, no matter how old they are.



17. BS button £7.21

If you have someone that talks a lot of crap and you want to offer him or her a hilarious gift, why not a bull**** button? I’m sure you’ll get loads of laughs out of this one!



18. Drinking Helmet £8.29

Who never wanted one of these? I have wished for one since I was a kid. Now the drinks changed a bit, but it still looks like fun! I’m sure you’ll get it right with this one for all ages.



19. Water Bottle £6.71

I know that £6.71 is a lot for a water bottle but give it a second… The words in it make it completely worth it, especially if you have that friend who won’t settle down and is a heart-breaker. There you go, perfect gift found!



20. Swear Words Colouring Book £4.89

Colouring books are in now. So why not go with it and give someone an adult colouring book paired up with a set of colouring pens? It will help them relief the stress and give them a throwback to their childhood. This is, for sure, one of the best cool gifts under £20 you can get on Amazon!

Do you have any other ideas for cool gifts under £20 you can get on Amazon? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.