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15 Insanely Affordable Destinations for 2019

15 Insanely Affordable Destinations for 2019

If you need an affordable destination as your next getaway because you’re seriously lacking the funds, look no further! Affordable doesn’t have to mean not fun, there’s plenty of places to travel to that won’t cost a house deposit to explore! Whether you’re keeping it close to home or travelling overseas, there’s plenty of options for affordable destinations.

1. The Gold Coast, Australia

Domestic flights within Australia are often very cheap. Surfers paradise or Coolangatta is the ultimate affordable destination for a beach getaway. Stay in hostels or motels within walking distance to awesome cafes and beaches to save some money.

2. Tasmania, Australia

Take your car over on the Spirit of Tasmania and do a road trip across the state! There are many incredible free camping spots that will really save your coin.


3. The Grampians, Australia

Explore the great hikes and views this wonderful

15 Insanely Afforable Destionations for 2019

4. Wilsons Prom, Australia

Another great affordable camping location, there are so many gorgeous walks and incredible surf beaches to explore. Bring a surfboard and a great group of friends for a holiday in the sun you won’t forget.


5. Hanoi, Vietnam

A beautiful, culture-rich city with so much offer. Pho is an incredible and cheap meal that is bound to impress you. You’re sure to be enchanted by the centuries-old architecture and French influence this amazing city has. There are some great hostels here also, making it one of the best affordable destinations.

15 Insanely Afforable Destionations for 2019

6. Koh Samui, Thailand

Stay in an affordable but still incredibly luxurious resort right on the beach for one of the most affordable destinations.15 Insanely Afforable Destionations for 2019


7. Lembongan, Bali

Tired of the same old Aussie in Bali culture? Why not venture further out to one of the beautiful islands Bali has to offer. Lembongan is much less crowded and still has the cheap prices you would expect in Bali.

8. Prague, Czechia

This picturesque city is as chic and Instagram-able as Paris but way more affordable. It is often said to be the place where beer is cheaper than water, and the beer is really something else.

15 Insanely Afforable Destionations for 2019


9. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known for its affordable party culture, Siem Reap is the ultimate affordable destination if you’re looking for a good time. Indulge in cheap cocktail buckets and crepes, they line all the streets!

10. Lastovo, Croatia

Croatia boasts some incredibly beautiful islands, so make sure Lastovo is on your list of affordable destinations for 2019.


11. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is another great cheap European country with great affordable destinations. Portugal has excellent beaches and, more importantly, excellent food and wine. Throw in how great the prices are and you’ve found one of the best affordable destinations.

12. Yasawa Island, Fiji

Often thought as an expensive and luxurious getaway, but Fiji can be affordable if you know where to go! A great backpacking community has popped up in the Yasawa Islands, making it a great tropical getaway on a budget!


13. Sagan, Philippines

Stray a bit further from the popular tourist destinations like Boracay and El Nido to get a true glimpse of the Filipino culture. You will meet many incredible people and experience a wonderful culture unlike anything else.

14. Colombo, Sri Lanka

This beachside city boasts some of the most amazing architecture and is a great way to travel without spending all your money.

15 Insanely Afforable Destionations for 2019


15. Luang Prabang, Laos

Find a much more relaxed place to experience Laos here and discover an incredible South East Asia gem. Often called the cultural capital of Laos, you will find many affordable things to do.

Which of these affordable destinations sounds perfect for you?

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