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3 Innovative Ways To Organise Your Spotify Playlists

3 Innovative Ways To Organise Your Spotify Playlists


I bet you’ve got at least one or two Spotify playlists bursting at the seams full of random songs you like but you’ve never put aside the time to properly organise them. If I’m correct, you’ve come to the right place to sort them out, because after having read this, you’ll be feeling inspired for sure. All it takes is a little bit of time and patience – especially if you’re reorganising rather than starting from scratch. However, sit tight, and you’ll thank yourself afterwards when you’ve got the perfect mixtape for any and every occasion.


Now, there are actually plenty of existing Spotify playlists readily available for you to follow that are all organised by mood. But, of course, they don’t have your favourites in them. Have a little think about the different types of music you like listening to depending on your mood. Here are some starting points: hosting a get-together, car journeys, working out, singing in the shower. That’s already four different categories your music could slot into. The best thing about these is that you won’t have to queue ideal songs one after another in a hurry before the app skips to something at random. Instead, you’ll already have complete collections to set any atmosphere to suit the mood.



An alternative way to organise your Spotify playlists is by their era: the decade they were made. This method is a great one if you’re a big fan of the golden oldies such as ‘60s soul and ‘90s urban pop. If you’re also interested in improving your music knowledge and getting to know some of the most iconic voices and bands of all time, there couldn’t be a better option. This one will take some time with googling release dates but everything will come together perfectly in the end when you’re just a tap of the finger away from travelling back in time.


This is by far the finest way of categorising your music because there are more genres than you realise. Have you ever heard of dark pop, synthesised R&B or baroque rock? The likelihood is, some of the newer music that you’re listening to today fits right into one of them. This method also fits hand in hand with Spotify’s song radio feature because when you fall in love with a particular genre, you’ll have access to an infinite list of other artists of the same craft. It’s a great way to listen to new voices and scout out some of the best rising talent (who will have more affordable tickets to gigs) too.

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Designing cover art

Once you’ve created as many Spotify playlists as your heart desires if you want to take personalisation to another level, follow this next step. Design a cover for each of them. Yes, you can give them a name but matching playlist covers are just so satisfying to look at. And, who knows, if you’re profile is on public, you might even gain followers who are fans of the same stuff you’re in to. A great tool to do this is the online graphics creator: Canva. You’ll just need to select the regular Instagram-type square dimension and you’ll have stacks of fonts to play around with.


Naming playlists

Finally, when designing your cover art, make sure you give each and every one of your playlists a cool name. The more random the better. Just think of whatever word or words come to mind when you listen to that kind of music. By giving them a memorably awesome name, you’ll probably find that your friends will be searching for your Spotify playlists too.

Are you feeling inspired enough to get organising your Spotify playlists? Comment down below which methods you’ll be using!

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