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8 Informal Recruitment Outfit Ideas To Really Stand Out

So you’ve got to dress to impress. But what counts as impressive on an informal day? We all know how to wow in a cocktail dress, but what about jeans and a t-shirt? We want to stand out from the crowd, to be memorable in the sea of other applicants to the sorority, but we want to stand out for the right reasons.

Anyone can stand out if they wear a banana costume. 

So we want to stay classy and bold, but do not dress slutty or be gaudy. Keep the make-up pristine, hair in check, and the clothes smart but casual. No sweat pants. Keep it to your day-best. This is how you make your impression on the women before you, you need to make it count. 

So with that, here are 8 outfit ideas to make you stand out from the crowd… for the right reasons.

1. Blazers and Shorts

A friend of mine who works for Boohoo has told me that bold colours and blazers are very popular right now. So why not impress your hosts by still making the effort to look formal but in an informal way! 

You’re still comfy and fashionable in a get-up like this, you can relax through the days activities but you’ll know that you look the best there in your blazer. Everyone looks great in a blazer. It’s the collars I think, they bring out the jaw-line. 

You could make it even bolder with an under shirt like this, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd in a bright orange. but you’ll look great and fashionable suiting the season.

When people are trying to remember your name, they’ll easily be able to recall the girl who looked stunning in the jumpsuit.

Copy this look:

2. Bold Shift Dress

This is your more classic style of attire for informal recruitment days. A girl can’t go wrong in a shift dress, but of course it’s a popular style so you need something that will make you stand out with it. 

Here’s where the bold colour comes in. If the sorority has a chosen colour for themselves, of course stay away from that colour, but the rest are fair game. You want one that works best with your colour tone and eyes. 

Make yourself look effortlessly gorgeous as you swish through the crowd.

Burgundy is a great colour, a dark red. Not too bright and gaudy, but deep and reflecting the Fall coming. 

A block colour like this could use some colourful earrings to really make the dress come to life, so go wild with the ears.

Copy this look:

3. Jumper Dress

If you would prefer to be a tad comfier through the day, or know the day is going to be a bit chilly, a jumper dress is a great option. You can still look great, and you’ll be cosy and snug. 

Loose turtle necks look great with a long necklace like the one below. But an addition of a belt can also bring the outfit together as well. 

Not many will have gone with a jumper dress, so you’ll stand out from the crowd but for the right reasons. You’ll look great, and its informal after all. You are meant to be comfortable, if this is your idea of comfortable then rock it!

Get this look: 

4. The Classic

A classic style, jeans and a shirt. It will never go out of fashion, and therefore is a safe beat no matter what the event is of the day. However, the outfit is all pulled together by the shoes. You need great shoes to make yourself really stand out.

You’ll be noticed for the great style, staying classy with the smart but casual style. But if you want something to be remembered for, you’ll need some bright coloured shoes. 

Red are always a good shout, but patterns are also good. 

Let your personality come out through your shoes, whether you’re bold, wild or more comfortable. 

It doesn’t have to be jeans, as you can see the simplicity of these patterned trousers alongside a black top and black shoes also work in keeping it classy. The style can be altered to fit you best. 

Copy this look:

5. The Jacket

Keep the colours plain underneath and jazz yourself up with your jacket. You need something to make yourself standout and a jacket that is gorgeous will defiantly do this. 

Here you have a colourful squared cardigan which I find gorgeous, but any kind of patterned jacket could work. Whether you are a person that prefers embroidery, or chequers, the jacket will be the piece that grabs attention. 

So make it count. 

Of course don’t go overboard, we don’t want a jacket that has flashing lights on the back or a tonne of sequins. We want a classical style but with a dash of personality thrown in.

Get this look: 

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6. Statement Jewellery

It’s not all in the dress or top, stand out with your jewellery. This works best with a plain dress, like the green below, this allows for a big statement on jewellery because it’ll be the main thing people are staring at. 

The piece will give you something to identify you by which is sorely needed in recruitment days when your name is easily forgotten. Wear something that singles you out, but in a good way. No gaudy, tacky diamonds on your chest, keep it elegant. 

You could also grab attention with earrings, just be sure you can handle the weight of them on your ears all day. 

Get this look:

7. Thigh High Boots

The craze for thigh high boots shouldn’t stop now. And with the chilly breeze setting in again make sure your legs are staying warm through the day. 

You’ll stand out from the generic high heel everyone will be wearing, but you’ll look just as good. You’ll stand out for your boldness.

And plain black boots allows for a statement to be made with a skirt, like those below. The skirt breaks up the colours, a splash of burnt orange or brown to keep it in check with the season is great. But patterned skirts or even a cute pink skirt will look great.

And the bonus to wearing thigh high boots, you don’t have to worry about having your legs freshly shaved.

Copy this look:

8. Slit Dress

If you prefer to wear a dress and look beautiful as you do it, the slit dress is your go to outfit. The patterns on these dresses are gorgeous, and the heels you can pair them with make the outfit just a picture. 

You’ll be the prettiest there in your floral dress and heels and your leg oh-so-slightly peeks out from the material.

However, this may not be the best option if you’re going to be outside on a windy day. You don’t want to know as the girl who flashed everyone at the party. 

Get this look: 

Here are your 8 outfit ideas, hopefully, you have found inspiration within these for your informal recruitment days ahead. Good luck!

Comment below the outfits you wore to your recruitment days, maybe you have more ideas for each other.

Featured Image Source:
Bethany Scard

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