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5 Indoor Plants You Probably Won’t Kill

5 Indoor Plants You Probably Won’t Kill

Indoor Plants can be hard to keep alive, we know. Luckily there are so many resilient plants to choose from that won't die on you after a couple of weeks!

Sometimes your green thumb just isn’t green enough. It can be hard to keep indoor plants alive and your trial and error don’t have to be in vain! There are plants out there that thrive off neglect and only require very little assistance. A watering can and some water should be your tools of choice.

These indoor plants aren’t impossible to kill, but even the slightest gardening knowledge should help you keep these sorts of indoor plants alive! Don’t settle for fake plastic indoor plants and choose some of these amazingly self-sufficient indoor plants.

1. Aloe

This cactus-like succulent not only looks great in a small pot, it has many beneficial properties too! Snap a leaf off when you have a bad sunburn or forgot to moisturise and simply rub it on your skin to let it heal. You can keep the leaves in the refrigerator for up to 5 days to reap all the benefits.


Make sure to keep this little beauty out of direct sunlight and give it a good dousing of water every couple of weeks.

2. Jade Plant

You’ve probably seen this unique succulent plant growing boldly in people’s gardens, but you can keep it potted inside too. Jade plant is also known as the “money plant” and considered to be good luck, so you’ll definitely want to add this one to your collection.


Don’t stress about watering this one on a regular basis, just when the top of the soil is dry to touch. This wonderful plant retains water in their leaves, so it can handle a bit of neglect. You shouldn’t let it dry out completely but also don’t over water it, as that will lead to root rot.

Place it in a sunny spot, as this plant absolutely thrives off sunlight. A window sill or in your kitchen is an ideal place for it.

3. Philodendron

bring a tropical vibe to your house with the heart leaf shaped philodendron! This particular plant is one of the most durable indoor plants you can find. You’ll be spoilt for choice trying to choose a size or shape for your plant collection, they come in a huge variety. They can grow quite large with their long vine stems.


Place it in a sunny spot and you can pretty much leave it to its own devices! Don’t water it more than once a week and you’ll see it grow before your eyes.

4. Peace Lily

A great thing about this particular plant is that it will indicate to you when it needs a drink of water. What a blessing to find a communicative plant! When the leaves begin to droop, you know that it needs a bit of water! Spritz it with water every couple of weeks in order to avoid the droop!

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Another huge benefit is that it cleanses the air we breathe! It will get rid of nasty toxins in the air for you.

This plant is usually best as a floor plant as it can grow up to 6 feet tall. They prefer minimal sunlight, so pop it in a shady corner and you’re good to go!


Unfortunately peace lily’s are poisonous to cats and dogs if ingested so definitely reconsider if you have some furry roommates.

5. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

This incredibly resilient plant can survive up to 1 month without water! It’s great for those who have a habit of neglecting their plants, as it needs to be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

It can tolerate low light positions but would thrive best in a sunny spot. Add this quirky plant to your collection you’ll be getting many compliments about its uniqueness.


Which of these indoor plants will you add to your collection?

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