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10 Indoor Plants You Can Keep Alive No Matter What

10 Indoor Plants You Can Keep Alive No Matter What

Got killer hands that spread dead leaves to every plant you touch? No worries! We know the unkillable indoor plants you need to have!

So you kill every plant you touch? Stress less! You just need to find the right indoor plant for you, and we’ve compiled a list of the toughest b*tches in the indoor plant game!

1. Golden Pothos

This guy is also known as Devil’s Ivy, though there’s really nothing devilish about it! These beauties purify the air you breathe, and are tolerable of even the worst of owners.

Because it’s an ivy, they grow best in hanging pots, or staked in a pot. You can put in the sun, or keep in in the shade – so long as you water it once a week, you’ll be fine.


2. Aloe Plants

Okay, pretty much any succulent is a go if you haven’t been blessed with a green thumb. But aloe plants, in particular, are unique in shape and have medicinal properties.

Better yet, you can water them just once a month and they’ll reward you with some amazing growth if kept in direct sunlight.

3. Jade Plants

The jade plants are an alternative succulent if you prefer something a little softer around the edges. The thickness of their leaves means that they can store a lot of water inside of them, and only require a bare minimum of attention.


Keep her in a well-let area, and this indoor plant will thrive no matter how mean you are to it.

4. Rubber Trees

If you want a bigger house-plant but don’t have the ability to keep a huge, tropical palm alive; consider the rubber plant.

These babies can grow eight feet! But, if you like your plants smaller than you are, they can always be pruned back without dying on you.


They like medium light, are tolerable of a range of room temperatures, and only need be watered every couple of weeks!

5. Peace Lilies

These plants are literally un-killable. Do you need an indoor plant that can survive you forgetting about it for a whole month?

This is your gal!


Peace lilies can survive pretty much anything, but prefer a little sunlight and damp soil for best results. They can also grow as wide or as small as you want, depending on what pot you decide to put them in!

6. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Sounds scary, right?

This plant is actually wonderfully tolerant and vibrant – it grows both green and yellow, and is slender enough that you can fit it into the tightest spaces on your floor.


It prefers just about any room temperature and only needs watering once a month. When it comes to these guys, the dryer the better.

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7. Boston Ferns

Your pet-friendly option is here to make life easy! These guys are so cute, and so easy to take care of.


All you need to do is pop then in your bathroom and don’t turn that fan on when you have your shower! Like all tropical plants, these guys like a little humidity, and the steam from your shower will have them flourishing without even a change in your routine!

8. Peperomias

These guys come in a variety of different shapes, but are collectively very easy to take care of – and popular for the same reason.

If you need something Insta-worthy, the peperomia is perfect for you! They can survive in low-light situations and only need watering every couple of weeks!


9. Areca Palms

If you need a little tropical in your life, this beautiful palm is the one for you! It grows tall, lush and green – and it’s a freakin’ palm tree! Who doesn’t love one of these bad boys?

If you haven’t had much luck with palms before, no worries! The areca only needs partial sun, and watering on alternating weeks.

10. Cast Iron Plants

These are basically peace lilies, but without the flowering. They love to be neglected – well, they tolerate it, at least.


These indoor plants are the friend from high school you only check in with once in a while. Give ’em some watering every few weeks, and leave them to flourish in low-lit situations.

Are you a serial plant killer too? Do you wanna get one of these unkillable indoor plants? Bemoan your struggles in the comments below!

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