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7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

Indoor plants can be a fantastic way to add some life and nature to your room – and they can even have health benefits too! Here are seven indoor plants you need to get to brighten up your dorm.

1. Aloe Vera

You have probably heard of Aloe vera from your beauty supplies, but it is actually a beautiful succulent plant! There are so many positives to this plant. For one, you can harvest your own Aloe vera gel from the leaves. Perfect for healing a patch of sunburn!

Even more impressive, Aloe plants can absorb the benzene and formaldehyde from the air, leaving your room feeling fresher and healthier. The bonus is that Aloe smells amazing! 

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

2. Jade

According to Chinese tradition, the Jade plant attracts wealth and prosperity. This pretty little plant has bright green leaves with a rubbery texture. It can survive indoors without much trouble as long as you don’t overwater it.

It makes an adorable addition to any bedroom or study space. The Jade plant has beautiful little pink flowers which will add a dose of colour to your room.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

3. Kalanchoe

This is one of the most beautiful indoor plants you can find. The kalanchoe is a striking plant which blooms with clusters of bright yellow and orange flowers. Placing this on a desk or bedside table will immediately make your room feel warmer and more inviting.

A fun fact about the kalanchoe is that it was one of the first plants to be sent into space! It was also historically used for medicinal purposes.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

4. Chinese Evergreen

The common name for this plant, Chinese Evergreen, comes from the fact that in China it is seen as a symbol of long life. What could be better than a plant that will remind you every day of having a long life? These plants and also very adaptable and will cope with most indoor conditions.

The leaves have a lovely pattern with a bright white/yellow patch in the middle of each leave. Sometimes they can even appear silver or red.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

5. Dracaena

This is a great plant for anyone who does not have the greenest thumb as they are virtually impossible to kill. Dracaenas are super resilient plants that can survive in drought-like conditions (which is what it might become when you forget to water them for days!) and have a sturdy stalk. It is a very bright and leafy plant which will make a statement in your room. There is also a darker variant known as Janet Craig Dracaena if you want to mix and match.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

6. Peace Lily

Just as the name suggests, this plant will bring much-needed peace into your stressful life. They have large dark green leaves and bloom with gorgeous white flowers which will definitely brighten up your room. These are good for a dorm with few windows as they do not need a lot of light to survive. Peace lilies also have air-purifying qualities which will make your dorm a more pleasant space to study in.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

7. Spider Plant

Spider plants have long been a staple feature in offices around the world. These luscious, spiky plants are perfect for indoors as they can survive most in dry conditions. The spider plant is also great for purifying the air making your room cleaner and the air easier to breathe.

The indoor plant falls into the category of natural air-cleansers and can actually ward off allergens! The long, draping leaves make it a striking focal point in your room too.

7 Indoor Plants To Brighten Up Your Dorm

Do you have any of these indoor plants in your room? Will you buy some? Let us know in the comments!

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