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10 Incredibly Inspiring Autobiographies You Must Buy

Looking for something inspiring to read in the morning before you begin your day? Or, perhaps you’re searching for an illuminating read before bed. These ten incredible autobiographies will definitely inspire you and open your eyes to the world!

1. The Diary of a Young Girl

Written as a diary during World War Two, Anne Frank captivates us with her astoundingly mature prose as she details her experience of hiding from persecution. This incredibly detailed autobiography will leave you feeling shocked and astounded at cruelty of the war, and also inspired by the amount of love and hope this young girl possessed.

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2. Unfiltered

For readers who aren’t particularly moved by accounts of political or historical events, Lily Collins’ autobiography might be the book for you! The popular actress recounts her struggles with eating disorders and familial relationships. She also provides great insight into the world of Hollywood, and claims that hard work will take you to great places in your social life and career!

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3. When Breath Becomes Air

This autobiography, written by Paul Kalanithi, was actually published posthumously. Perhaps, this is what makes it all the more heartbreaking. Nearing the completion of his training to become a neurosurgeon, Kalanithi was told he had lung cancer. This book reflects on dedication, life and relationships, and is an incredibly inspiring work that everyone should read at least once.

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4. Brother, I’m Dying

Though technically a memoir, this book unveils the struggles faced by Edwidge Danticat as she moved from the turbulent political crises in Haiti to America. Danticat comments on the societal and familial tensions she faced as a young girl. The fate of her uncle Joseph will make you reconsider social and governmental values, and will ultimately leave you recommending her book to others.

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5. Once We Were Sisters

Author Sheila Kohler reveals the devastating facts of the death of her sister, who was killed by her husband in a car crash. Her autobiography discusses abusive relationships, motherhood, never-ending sisterly love, and the ultimate heartbreak which never truly fades from such devastating circumstances.

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6. Long Walk to Freedom

This book is perfect for readers who are interested in politics; in particular, the story of Nelson Mandela’s life. Here, Mandela discusses his childhood, career and time spent in prison. His autobiography was also adapted into an award-winning film in 2013, which might be worth the watch after you’ve finished reading the book!

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7. The Fictional Woman

This book follows the life of Tara Moss, a crime-fiction writer, journalist and model, who reflects on social perceptions of women. She reveals horrific experiences of sexism and misogyny, and highlights the stigma surrounding models, even in the modern-day world. Moss’ accounts are incredibly insightful and help us to understand the importance of feminism.

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See Also

8. The Hate Race

You’ll find yourself unable to part from Maxine Beneba Clarke’s autobiography until you’ve reached its final page. With remarkably immersive and truthful prose, you’ll feel shocked at Clarke’s experiences of racism. Her book will make you consider the power of discrimination in modern society, and is an incredibly powerful work.

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9. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Maya Angelou reveals the struggles she faced living in 1930’s America with her grandmother. Her autobiography discusses her experiences of racism and discrimination in the south, being raped as a child, and conceptions of humanity. It is, ultimately, an inspiring book for all to read.

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10. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

Most of us have heard of Malala, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan after sitting an exam. Upon her recovery, Malala has endeavoured to support the education of young girls. Her autobiography details the challenges she has been forced to face, as well as the hope she intends to inspire within girls across the globe.

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Have you read any of these inspiring autobiographies? Let us know in the comments!

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