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8 Incredibly Good London Restaurants Perfect For A Student Budget

8 Incredibly Good London Restaurants Perfect For A Student Budget

Living in London on a student budget doesn't have to be as hard as you think. Try these 8 student budget friendly restaurants fro good food at a good price.

Being on a student budget may seem difficult and restrictive when living in a city like London, but it’s all about knowing the right spots. This list of 8 student-friendly restaurants will show you that it’s not only possible to survive on a student budget, but that there are actually some pretty good cheap eats in London- you just have to know where to find them.

1. Misato

Found on Wardour Street in Chinatown, Misato is easily a favourite among students. Serving huge portions of Japanese classics with a selection of sushi, bento boxes, noodle dishes and rice dishes with unbelievably low prices, making it the perfect cheap eat. Due to its wild popularity do make sure to accommodate time for the long lines that often trail out of Misato.

2. Kokoro

With its name literally meaning ‘heart’, ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ good food can certainly be expected at Kokoro with good prices too. This decently priced oriental restaurant provides their food with quick service so it’s great if you’re in a hurry between classes or need a good pick me up to help you get over the stress of deadlines. Their ethos is centred in convenience and quality.


3. Padella

To fulfil any pasta lovers cravings Padella in Borough Market is, of course, one of the best places in London to go. Infamous for their amazing (and cheap) pasta which is freshly made right before your eyes with prices starting as low as £4, Padella will be sure not to disappoint. Beware of timings as they’re almost as infamous for their long lines as they are for their pasta; they are only open from 12pm-3:45pm and 5pm-10pm Monday through to Saturday, with early closing at 9pm on Sundays.

4. Brasserie Zedel

Despite the grandeur of its authentic Art Deco interiors, Brasserie Zedel actually offers a reasonably priced menu. This Parisian brasserie offers traditional French food at amazing value and is open from early until late, making it a surprisingly cheap eat from brunch to dinner and drinks.

5. Pizza Union

With their Margherita pizza starting at just £3.95 you can’t go wrong with Pizza Union. Located in Aldgate, Dalston, Spitalfields and King’s Cross, this Italian pizza bar serves up fire-baked Roman style 12-inch pizzas all-day to satisfy your pizza cravings whilst staying on budget. Their menu is extensive having multiple pizzas for you to choose from such as Vesuvio, Calabria and Vegano which is their vegan option as the name suggests.

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6. Roti King

Roti King specialises in delivering Malaysian food to London and can be easily overlooked because of its unassuming, and perhaps even dingy as some may describe it, exterior which their food more than makes up for. Whilst most of the dishes on their menu are certainly good, it’s the Roti Canai that’s the star of the show (rightfully so).

7. Honest Burger

Certainly on the ladder as one of London’s best burger joints, Honest Burger is a no-brainer for good cheap burgers. So accommodating a student budget that they even have a 30% student discount off food every Monday to Thursday from 2pm to 5:50pm. Honest Burger gives you the best of British ingredients with their beef patties made in their own butchery and their famous rosemary chips cut and cooked daily.


8. Franco Manca

Unlike Pizza Union, Franco Manca offers a chain of pizzerias across London specialising in sourdough pizzas which are made fresh in-house every day with sourced and seasonal ingredients. The cheapest pizza comes in at only £5 making Franco Manca a steal for quality pizza at a reasonable price. With 36 locations in London to choose from, it’ll easily become your new go-to pizza place.

Will you try any of these restaurants that are great for student budgets? Let us know in the comments below.

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