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15 Incredible Japanese Snacks You Should Try

15 Incredible Japanese Snacks You Should Try

If you're a fan of Japanese snacks, or have never tried them before, then these are some of the best ones out there that are worth a try!

Japan is known for its notoriously delicious snacks, and for good reason! Their food is just so unique and incredible that you won’t be able to find anything like it in the West. Luckily, quite a lot of their products have made it over to the UK and other countries, which gives us the opportunity to indulge in their delicious food. Here is our list of 15 incredible Japanese snacks you should definitely try:


This incredible snack is essentially a ball of batter filled with delicious goodness. The most common fillings include diced octopus, tempura, and pickled ginger. Food lovers, take note – takoyaki is available at Japan Centre in London!

Incredible Japanese snack you should try



Japan has always been good with making adorable-looking food, and taiyaki is a great example of that. This fish-shaped cake is traditionally filled with red bean paste, which is a delicious sweetened paste made from Azuki beans.

A delicious Japanese snack you're going to love


Senbei is a very popular casual snack that’s usually eaten alongside green tea. It is a rice cracker that comes in a variety of shapes and flavours. What’s even better is that it can be either savoury or sweet, which makes it the perfect snack.


One of the best Japanese snacks you should try


You may have already heard of this one because it’s extremely popular in the West. Filled with traditional red bean paste, this pancake makes a delicious snack that you just can’t resist. In fact, it’s relatively easy to make at home, so why not give it a go!

A delicious Japanese snack we just can't get enough of



This is yet another very popular Japanese snack that is easy to get hold of in the UK. These chocolate-coated biscuit sticks come in a variety of flavours, including banana, matcha, and strawberry. What’s not to love about them!

One of the best Japanese snacks to try


The main ingredient in this tasty Japanese snack is rice flour. In terms of texture and taste, it’s quite similar to mochi, which is a type of rice cake. The difference is that mochi have different fillings, whereas dango are traditionally served with a topping.


Absolutely delicious Japanese snack you should try

7.Puccho candy

This Japanese snack is a unique combination of a gummy and a toffee. The funky texture combined with the incredible variety of flavours (including yoghurt and melon soda) makes this candy one of the best Japanese products you should definitely try.

One of the best Japanese snack you're going to love


8.Japanese Kit Kats

Ah yes, these have got to be one of my favourite Japanese snacks of all time. Trust me, they’re nothing like our boring Western Kit Kats. There are over 70 different flavours in Japan! Some of the most unique ones include baked potato, roasted corn, and hot chilli.

An incredible Japanese snack we just can't get enough of


Introduced by Portuguese trade ships in the 16th century, Castella has since become a Japanese specialty. It is a relatively simple sponge cake made out of eggs, flour, sugar, and starch syrup, but it’s just so delicious!


One of the best Japanese snacks to try

10.Wasabi peas

The name is pretty self-explanatory – this snack consists of roasted peas that have been coated in wasabi. Crunchy and quite spicy, this snack is definitely one of the most incredible Japanese foods you’re going to absolutely love.

One of the top 15 Japanese snacks you should try



Sometimes also called “delicious stick”, this Japanese snack is pretty much a puffed corn stick. It obviously comes in a variety of different flavours, including savoury ones such as salad and sweet ones such as caramel.


An incredible Japanese snack we know you're going to love

12.Kinoko No Yama

Chances are, you’ve seen this snack before. It consists of adorable mushroom-shaped treats where the stem is made out of biscuit and the top of the mushroom is chocolate. I used to have these a lot as a kid and trust me, they’re incredibly delicious.

One of my absolute favourite Japanese snacks


13.Every Burger

No, these aren’t real burgers, even though they’re shaped the same. This snack is not only absolutely adorable, but also really delicious. The bun-shaped biscuit contains a “beef patty” made out of milk chocolate and a slice of “cheese” that is (you guessed it) actually white chocolate.

An adorable and delicious Japanese snack you'll love


Yet another biscuit snack that is bound to be extremely popular in the UK. Bisuko is a simple biscuit sandwich that’s filled with a bit of cream, which, to be fair, already sounds delicious. It’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re into your biscuits.


A tasty Japanese snack you're going to love

15.Orion Mini Candy

This candy is definitely a must-try Japanese snack. It feels quite hard but it breaks apart very easily when you bite on it. With lots of delicious flavours available (such as cola and sour), this candy is certainly much more impressive and delicious than it looks.

A delicious Japanese snack you'll love


Have you tried any of these delicious Japanese snacks? Which Japanese food item is your favourite? Tell us below!

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