10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

If you’re looking for a new dessert place to check out in Glasgow but have no idea where to start or don’t want to waste your money, we’ve got you covered. Down below we’ve listed the 10 best dessert spots in Glasgow you need to try.

1. Deesserts

Located on Sauchiehall Street, Deesserts is one of the best desert spots for sweet tooth lovers. The extensive sugary menu includes everything from creamy milkshakes and gooey cookie dough to crispy American Waffles and French style crepes which are perfect for satisfying those late night cravings as the shop is open until 11pm. However, if you’re in the mood for something a little bit lighter, the menu also includes gourmet coffee and freshly baked cakes which are great for an afternoon coffee break.

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

2. CookiezNCreamz

CookiezNCreamz is a popular ice-cream shop located on Nelson Street. Although the menu includes other delicious treats such as cakes, coffee and milkshakes, their unique combination of ice-cream flavours and toppings are a definite must to try. With ice-cream ranging from fruity flavours such as mango and raspberry to unique flavours such as bubblegum and Ferrero Rocher to the original vanilla and chocolate, there’s an ice-cream for everyone. The ice-cream and milkshakes makes CookiezNCreamz one of the top summer dessert spots so make sure you check it out!

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

3. What The Fudge Desserts

This quirky dessert spot located on Victoria Road is well known for its indulgent cakes and tarts which are drizzled in chocolate and fudge sauce.  The menu offers a variety of goodies such as fudge bites, waffles, cookie dough, doughnut bites and ice-cream which make for a great sweet treat in the afternoon or for a quick sugar fix in the evening as this dessert spot is open from 3pm-12am.

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

4. Flavas

Located on Woodlands Road in the West End, this dessert spot is a modern ice-cream bar and dessert parlour. From ice-cream to pancakes, this small dessert spot provides the perfect sugary snack for any kind of mood. Flavas also has a dessert of the month which is perfect for anyone who can’t decide on what dessert to choose from. Why not head in and sit at one of their comfy booths, admire the contemporary aesthetic and order something tasty from their mouthwatering menu?

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

5. Loop & Scoop

As the UK’s first ice-cream and churro bar, Loop and Scoop is infamous for its selection of homemade ice-cream and freshly baked churros. Located on Great Western Road, this dessert spot offers a unique and lengthy menu to choose from such as gelato, churro bites, dipping churros and filled churos which you can wash down with one of their creamy milkshakes or hot drinks. However, the bar’s signature dish ‘the loop & scoop’ is definitely worth the try. This dish consists of a glazed loop churro and tub of ice-cream of your choice and costs just £6.25 which isn’t a bad price for a popular dessert.

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

6. Coro The Chocolate Cafe

Coro The Chocolate Cafe is one of the popular dessert spots on Sauchiehall Street recognisable for providing their customers with a fun experience whilst they enjoy various heavenly chocolate treats. Their menu is a goldmine for any chocolate lover out there as melted chocolate is drizzled over everything, what could be better? Ranging from freshly made pancakes, waffles and crepes to their incredible Belgian chocolate fondue complete with fresh fruit, cakes and sweets, the cafe couldn’t be any sweeter. Just make sure to call ahead and book a table to avoid waiting, as you can imagine this sweet dessert spot is always packed!

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

7. Ginesi’s Ice-Cream (Queens Cafe)

For the perfect sweet fix on a hot summer’s day, why not try out Ginesi’s Ice-Cream in Queens Cafe? Located on Victoria Road in Queen’s Park, this hidden gem is loaded with mouthwatering ice-cream flavours to choose from such as bubblegum and Kinder Bueno. Unlike most ice-cream parlours, Ginesi’s makes its ice-cream fresh from within the cafe with all organic ingredients, creating an original creamy ice-cream for every customer.  The 50’s style decor, filled with art decor pieces and quirky booth gives you an authentic experience you won’t forget so make sure you check out this distinctive dessert spot if you’re in the mood for an incredible ice-cream!

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

8. Once Upon A Tart

If you are in the mood for a light afternoon dessert, Once Upon A Tart is the dessert spot for you. Once an old art gallery, this small quirky cafe can be found on King Street and offers amazing freshly baked treats, teas and coffees. The cafe only uses local and organic ingredients for each of their baked goods, creating a unique and delicious Scottish experience for every customer.  Their menu includes tasty tarts, cakes and scones as well as homemade banana bread and brownies which can be washed down by their popular rooibus mint tea. If you’re in the Merchant City area then definitely give this cafe a try for a quick pick-me-up!

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

9. Waffle Monster Ltd

Waffle Monster Ltd is one of the cheaper dessert spots which is located on Sauchiehall Street. The menu is filled with various types of waffles and toppings to choose from ranging from fruit and syrup to marshmallows and ice-cream. The contemporary cafe also has a range of bubble teas and milkshakes to choose from if you are in the mood for a sweet drink instead. With prices ranging from £5-£10, Waffle Monster Ltd is a good option for a cheap dessert.

10 Incredible Dessert Spots In Glasgow You Have To Try

10. Big Licks

Located on Finnieston Street, Big Licks is notorious for its delicious cookie dough, waffles and brownies. This modern dessert spot has a specialty menu which includes frozen drinks, sundaes and cookie sandwiches as well as other tasty choices such as homemade ice-cream cones and floats. Big Licks also offers a takeaway option so why not pick up some delicious doughnuts and cakes to enjoy later on in the comfort of your own home?

We hope you enjoyed this list of recommendations and decide to try out some of these amazing dessert spots for yourselves, so make sure to leave a comment below if you do. The ice-cream parlours are definitely a must for this summer as the warmer weather approaches!

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