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4 Impressive Ways To Stand Out At Your New Job

4 Impressive Ways To Stand Out At Your New Job

If you're looking for ways to stand out at your new job, then we have all the tips for you! These creative ideas will assure that your employer see's you as a top employee!

Looking for impressive ways to stand out at your new job for all the right reasons? These smart and simple ideas will ensure it’s your best foot which heads through the front door first. It goes without saying, glugging a few too many welcoming drinks and telling your new boss exactly how much you enjoy answering phones and running errands hasn’t made the list. Don’t let any other professional no-no’s you hadn’t thought of pass you by. You nailed the interview! Now, it’s time to put these 4 impressive ways to stand out at your new job into practice.

1. Show Willingness To Learn & That You Showed Up To WORK

Strolling in with confidence on Day 1 is key. But, don’t forget you are now here to do a job. Arrogance, a slapdash approach and lack of attention to detail shouts just as loudly as the drunk girl at the office party who made more than most of the free wine. As do crippling nerves, which prevent you going in with a killer ‘can-do’ attitude.

Channel confidence into asking questions (have some pre-thought up), observing the new company’s culture and doing whatever it is they ask you to: ‘Hello, Postman’. ‘Yes, I’ll just see if they’re available – please hold for a second’. ‘Would you like a cup of tea, fourth person at the door today?’. Getting stuck in is the most impressive way to stand out at your new job.


2. Pretend You Don’t Own a Mobile Phone

Social media? You? Never. Higher ups are always on the lookout for possible slackers snapping their boyfriend about colleagues they’ve just met or Insta-storying the perfect snap of their new desk.

Make a mental note to avoid replying to all the well-wishers and ‘how’s it going?!?’ pings that you know are coming through while you’re settling into your new digs. It’s important to keep this impressive way to stand out at your new job going for as long as possible. It won’t go unnoticed!

3. Find Out Exactly What is Required of You

A lot of us are guilty of a little up-selling and adopting a yes-yes-yes-to-everything (hire me!) approach while interviewing, but there’s a big difference between a bulleted-job spec and the real daily tasks and asks at work. You can’t stand out, impress and perform well at your new job unless you’re on the same page as the employers.

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Therefore, it’s important to continue to research the firm once offered a role. What else can you scout out online before you arrive? Once the Day 1 handshakes and name-swaps are over, go out of your way to get feedback after each activity you complete. It’s important to get a review with your supervisor, manager or the senior you are reporting to in your diary for as soon as possible. You want to establish clear, constructive communication from day dot.

4. Don’t Drop the ‘First Date’ Attitude

Deliberately remain out of your comfort zone. This often underrated, impressive way to stand out in your new job will guarantee you are introducing yourself, selling your strengths and putting the best version of you forward. That’s right, you ran a half marathon last year, spent a month in India, dated a rugby player. Get to know the people you’re now working with in return.


Sometimes, staying late and putting in extra time is a strong sign of hard graft. But, don’t do this until you need to play catch up. There’s no need to set unfeasible precedent, and a supportive manager will want to make sure you have a maintainable workload. So, go home at the end of a good day’s work! Or, go for a drink or two with your new colleagues.

Have you just started somewhere? Try these 4 impressive ways to stand out at your new job and let us know how you do in the comments!

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