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I’ll Have All These 10 Pieces Of Unisex Jewellery, Please And Thank You

I’ll Have All These 10 Pieces Of Unisex Jewellery, Please And Thank You

I'll Have All These 10 Pieces Of Unisex Jewellery, Please And Thank You

Whilst clothes, beauty products and fragrances are no longer confined to any one specific gender, jewellery is also on its way to becoming truly un-gendered. We believe that jewellery can be worn by anyone, and everyone. Continue reading to discover some of the best pieces of unisex jewellery, that are just waiting to be purchased by you!


Rings are amazing, and they work well especially for those individuals who want to add a little something to their outfit, but they don’t want their jewellery to neccessarily stand out too much.

These particular gold, chunky rings are from Forever 21. Pair them with any outfit for an instant touch of glamour and elegance!


As unisex jewellery is simple and it’s more on the minimalist side, it has never been easier to wear a lot of it. Try stacking some simple rings together to add a final touch to your outfit. These particular gold rings are from Asda. Yes, that’s right – they’re from a supermarket. Unisex jewellery is easily accessible, and you can obtain some great pieces at an affordable price.

For those of us who prefer to keep our jewellery to a minimum – these are some great rings. They’re from a brand called Mejuri, and the Zodiac ring is a beautiful ring that NEEDS to be in your collection now! 

The brand has a whole collection of jewellery dedicated to the star-signs. The Zodiac collection is minimal, pretty and it’s timeless. The rings are handcrafted in gold vermeil and white sapphires, and they look stunning, either on their own or paired with some other simple pieces.



The latest piece to become un-gendered are earrings. A lot of people like to wear cute, dangly earrings regardless of their gender. And these ones are beautiful. This piece of unisex jewellery is available for purchase on Etsy. They’re handcrafted and tarnish-resistant – perfect for those summer evenings at the beach!

Not only is unisex jewellery stylish and perfect for everyone regardless of gender, unisex jewellery is also incredibly versatile. These mini gold hoop earrings can be worn multiple ways and they’re available in four different hoop sizes. You can’t go wrong with these beautiful handcrafted mini gold hoops! These earrings are also available from Etsy.


Of all of the unisex jewellery pieces shown and mentioned in this article so far, these bracelets are my favourite items in this whole list. These are the feather bracelets from BohoMoon – they’re available in gold or silver stainless steel and they don’t tarnish.

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This is the Ayla bracelet from Rue Gembon – it’s neat, lightweight and perfect for everyone. It has gold plated metal and a toggle fastening so it’s easy to take it off and put it back on, whenever you wish to do so.


The next unisex jewellery piece is this lovely starburst necklace from Not On The High Street – it’s £25 and it features 5 delicate stars clustered together with 1 other star following behind.


This necklace is incredibly cute – this piece of unisex jewellery is from Astley Clarke. This is the Mini Moon necklace – it is also available in silver. This is definitely one of those pieces that can be easily layered to add more sparkle to a simple top. Pair this dainty necklace with a turtleneck or with a low-cut white shirt to capture everyone’s attention!

Last but certainly not least, this final piece of unisex jewellery is the Golden Star Pendant necklace from Jassie Line. And, the best thing about it is that it’s only £5.99! This necklace is made out of alloy and is available in two colours – a gold shade and a rose gold shade. And with this necklace, there’s no need for layering as you get all the little necklaces too. And for £5.99, that is a worthy purchase!

Do you love these unisex jewellery pieces as much as we do? Spill your faves below!

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