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12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions

12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions can be difficult to come up with at times when you want to improve yourself but aren't sure how. Here are some tips!

New Year resolutions are a fun way to make changes for a new year. Check out these 12 ideas for new year resolutions! I’ve done the hard part for you… Resolutions are usually personal and suit each individual. They can be hard to keep, especially if you set yourself a ridiculous challenge like “give up all chocolate” or “do yoga every morning at 6am.” The trick to the best and most keep-able resolutions are the ones that make small but effective positive changes to your life. Let’s face it, if you’re an adult, a new year’s resolution isn’t going to be kept if it’s a drastic change to your regime. Small but mighty steps are the key.

I’ve divided up ideas for new year resolutions into four main categories. 1. Remove the bad: reduce your weekly trips to maccies from 3 to 1? Good start. 2. Increase the good: 1 morning of yoga a week? 3. The New: it’s never too late to try something out for the first time! 4. Monies: simple ways to save!

Reduce the bad

1. Food! Inglorious food…

We are all always wanting to eat better. A good new year’s resolution involving food should be small but doable. Something to make a difference to your eating habits but without making you feel guilty when you don’t always stick to it. Stick to something small like reducing takeaways, sweets, even meat, dairy or anything. Stick to making small weekly reductions. Don’t cut the bad stuff out completely – life is too short not to be tasty!

12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions

2. Dry Jan

Reducing the amount of alcohol you consume is a great new year resolution. After the boozy Christmas holidays, a lot of people embark on dry January to give their livers a wee break. This will also probably be quite a welcomed break for most people who go hard over the holidays.

3. Environmental

Reduce your carbon foot print! Try having an eco-friendly new year’s resolution. Reduce your plastic use, electricity use, meat intake… there are so many small things you can do to contribute. A great and necessary new year’s resolution idea I would highly recommend this new year.

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Increase the good

4. Self-love club

Big up the self-love club. Add little things to your week that support you. “Love your body, it’s where you live!” Take time to give yourself some self-care. This doesn’t have to be massive. It could be as simple as trimming your toenails. But, pay attention to these little tasks and recognise them as self-care. Bubble baths, meditation and even burning some nice smelling incense can make your week more relaxed and a little bit happier.

12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions

5. Friends are for life

What is one of the best aspects in your life? Hopefully your friends! Make the effort to have a little more of them in your life. A good idea for a new year’s resolution is ensuring your friends are part of your weekly routine.

6. Get read

A great idea for a new year resolution is try and read a little bit more. This doesn’t mean embarking on a Dicken’s novel if you’ve never been much of a reader. But expanding your mind and continuing your knowledge is so important! Find what works for you. Reading more could be the news, Reddit, a magazine, a book. Just paying attention a little more can help you build informed opinions. Plus, it helps escape a Netflix binge. If you can read a chapter of something a night before bed that’d be a great start.

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The New

7. Activities

Try a new activity! This could be a sport, a gym class, bowling (maybe you’ve never tried it). Branch out and embark on a new adventure. Even if it’s as simple as trying a new recipe. I resolution that encourages you to try new activities may encourage a hidden talent you never knew you had!

8. Google it!

Something great to do to try out something new is google what is around you! Maybe you haven’t properly explored your home town. Maybe your new in town or a uni student far away. Get online and check out what is around you. You may come across things you’d never have known were there.

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9. Not a final destination

Maybe you’ve gotten used to travelling to the same spot on your holidays. This year why not mix it up a bit? Have a look at somewhere you’ve never been before! Get to explore a new culture and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions


10. Hot or NOT

A great way to save money, especially after Christmas, is to have a boycott on buying clothes (we weep). It might be hard, but it’s probably one of the most effective ways to save some money as a new year resolution. Dig through your wardrobe and reuse some of your old faves!

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11. Saver

Set up a savings account for yourself. Maybe have a goal or a thing you want to save for. This could be a holiday or a deposit for a house.

12 Ideas For New Year Resolutions

12. Eat in

Take a little break from eating out, even though those Wagamama gyoza’s are so so good… eating in can improve your cooking skills and save you a lot of money.

Hopefully some of these ideas will have inspired your new year resolutions. Let us know your best new year resolutions!
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