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Iconic Beauty Launch Parties That Will Leave You Wigless

Iconic Beauty Launch Parties That Will Leave You Wigless

Beauty launch parties are always iconic as a rule. Celebrities, freebies, and show-stopping performances make these events a boujee inspo!

Make-up brands go all out to host spectacular beauty launch parties. These events celebrate new product lines, collabs, or even new store openings. Whatever the circumstances, be prepared for celebs, guru drama, and outlandish décor at these parties. All is fair in love, war, and beauty.

James Charles X Morphe

When Sister James released his palette last year, it shook the beauty community. The Youtuber rolled up to his launch in a party bus with his entourage, all dressed in white. The venue was minimalist and completely white too, with pastel-coloured lights giving the walls a holographic effect. The starkness gave the party a futuristic vibe, right before it was time to start painting the walls (and James himself). Picture saint splatters e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. This party was a great reflection of James, as he loves creating colourful looks on his own face too.


This cosmetics brand is renown for classic and quality products, so it’s no surprise that their beauty launch parties also hit the same note. In partnership with Moxy Hotels, Stila’s guests were treated to delicious cocktails and gourmet meals. Most importantly, professional make-overs were free of charge.


Bobbi Brown

George Street in Edinburgh was to be the new home of a Bobbi Brown outlet. While run-of-the-mill store openings can be mundane affairs, Bobbi Brown’s iconic beauty launches require guests to be treated a little more lavishly. They made sure to plug their new real estate with booze, a DJ, make-overs, and gift bags filled with all their iconic products.

Too Faced

Too Faced is constantly drawing support from the beauty community through lavish get-away holidays and promo-packages galore. It makes sense that their beauty launch parties are nothing to sniff at either. The gala they threw for their new ‘Sweet Peach’ collection had fans brimming over with anticipation. The venue was littered with blown-up props of the new products, floral arrangements, as well as a giant indoor peach tree. The lighting perfectly matched the colour scheme and diffused a pinky-peach glow. The night was topped with peach-flavoured sweets for a peachy-keen atmosphere.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D beauty launch parties are just as lavish, but not as sickly-sweet as other brands. To celebrate the release of her ‘Saints and Sinners’ collection, Kat Von D’s party was committed to a conflicting theme of the same name. The walls were embedded with black and white roses, while burlesque dancers provided entertainment. The lucky guests also received products, which were passed around by elaborately-costumed servers.

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KKW Beauty

Beauty launch parties hosted from Kim Kardashian-West’s illustrous home? The venue itself would make some beauty fans shook to death. Free goodie-bags are an added incentive to come for those not convinced. Kim’s guests could take the perfect selfie in a 360-degree mirror room, with a ceiling of blush-pink roses. Photo booths were also available for the selfie-averse to take full advantage of. Pictures are highly encouraged at beauty launch parties, as any shots uploaded to social media become brand advertisements.

Steven Klein X Nars

Steven Klein is famous for his disturbing and beautiful photography; his collab with Nars was obviously going to result in the most spectacular of beauty launch parties. LED lights flashed through the venue, spelling messages like “Dead of Summer”, and “Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights.” The event’s centrepiece was a creepy drained pool, but the silent and naked models also contributed to the haunting atmosphere. No gift bags were given, unfortunately, but thankfully there was plenty of alcohol so guests could drink to forget what they had seen.


Fenty Beauty

Rhianna herself was at this beauty launch party. If that’s not enough to give the event icon status, the Brooklyn warehouse party had DJ’s, a make-up artist showcase, cocktails, and tasty hors d’oeuvres. As guests left, they got to take home Fenty beauty products personalised to them. Rhianna’s commitment to inclusivity was present in every detail.

Which beauty launch parties do you dream of attending? What would you incorporate to your own parties? Comment below!

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