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I Worked At An Event For YouTube Influencers And Here’s What They’re Like In Real Life

I Worked At An Event For YouTube Influencers And Here’s What They’re Like In Real Life

Have you ever wondered what YouTube influencers are like in real life? I worked at an event in London and here's what I found out.

YouTube influencers are today’s modern celebrity alongside the Instagram famous. We can’t get enough of them. But have you ever wondered what they’re like in real life and when they’re not in front of a screen? I worked at an event for them in London and here’s what I found out.

The camera and the YouTube influencer are one and the same

YouTube influencers live to be on camera. It’s how they make their money after all. So, they spent the evening in a sea of flashing and filming iPhones as they darted about in search of the next Instagrammable shot.

It was clear that this wasn’t a time to relax with friends. No, this was work. A chance to promote their brand and be the most viral among their competitors. It was marketing disguised as fun.


But can you honestly blame them for their performance? It’s hard to relax with a wall of cameras scrutinising your every move. If you’re not filming then you will feature in dozens of other videos whether you like it or not.

You had to own it or be owned; to look like you’re having fun with your friends and competitors and be absolutely perfect at it. When you’re selling a lifestyle you never stop working.

YouTube influencers love a pretty display

Ever wondered how to attract a YouTube influencer? All you need is a unique and eye-catching display. It’s a marketing ploy that’s been used by many an East London establishment and even we can’t get enough of it.


Angel wings on the side of buildings are as irresistible as rose covered phone boxes. It’s catnip to us but for the YouTube influencer it’s an opportunity to sell a lifestyle. It’s a moneymaker.

So, the room of the event was appropriately decked out in garlands of pink roses and greenery that cascaded down the walls. The YouTube influencers couldn’t get enough. They were like moths to a flame.


They barely ate a thing

I wasn’t joking when I said that YouTube influencers live through the lens. I was on canape duty and it was my job to serve the most elegant and delicate bites made by a team of talented chefs.

The canapes were served on exquisite trays of mirrored glass and covered ornate miniature rock gardens with fresh moss and sparkling crystals. They were beautiful but heavy. I spent the evening staggering around with a fixed serene smile trying to coax the YouTube influencers to eat.

They didn’t eat a single canape. Not one. Entire trays were coming back to the deflated chefs as full as ever but not without garnering a lot of interest from around the room.

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The beady-eyed vloggers swooped in with gasps of appreciation at the pretty displays. A wall of cameras met me as they crowded around eager to photograph the delectable treats before breezing away waif-like after gorging on vlog-worthy YouTube footage.

YouTube influencers are surprisingly down to earth

You’re probably thinking I’m being unnecessarily harsh. We’ve all got to make a living and it was clear that these YouTube influencers worked hard to get to that event.


The reality was, despite their performance in front of the camera and their apparent inability to just dig in and eat, the YouTube influencers were a surprisingly down to earth bunch.

You may end up being filmed more times than you would like but they were always eager to ask your permission first even if you did look less than flattering in an ugly white shirt and tie.


Have you met any YouTube influencers? Let me know in the comments below!