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I Tried Using A Ouija Board For The First Time And This Is What Happened

I Tried Using A Ouija Board For The First Time And This Is What Happened

A ouija board is like a portal to the spirit world. This is what happened when I used a ouija board for the first time with my boyfriend.

Ouija boards have long been thought of as Satanic, a tool to contact evil spirits, and something you absolutely should not mess around with unless you want to be cursed forever. My experience using ouija boards couldn’t be further from these notions; if anything they have been overwhelmingly positive.

I bought my first ouija board in 2017 after watching other people use them on YouTube. Whilst I truly believed that they worked, actually sitting with my own brand new board in front of me did fill me with some doubt. Could everyone I’d seen using one have just been faking the whole thing for views?

Using the ouija board for the first time

For a spirit to harbour enough energy to communicate and spell words out, it’s recommended that at least two people have their fingers on the planchette (the little heart-shaped piece of wood that moves across the ouija board) at a time. For this reason, I chose to use the board with my boyfriend, Chris.


We placed two fingers each lightly onto the planchette, began to move it in a circular motion to generate energy and asked, ‘Is anyone there?’

It took a few seconds but the planchette very slowly moved to, ‘Yes’.

We looked at each other in complete shock because I don’t think either of us was expecting it to work on our first attempt.


I then went on to ask the spirit what their favourite thing in the house was. To which they spelled out, ‘Amy’.

Then I asked why they liked me and the spirit spelled out, ‘Pam,’ which is my grandma’s name.


Delving deeper

I decided to poke further and asked how the spirit knew my grandma. The word, ‘street,’ was spelled out on the board. At this point, I automatically assumed that the spirit meant that they had lived on the street that my grandma currently lives on.


I began listing the names of my grandma’s neighbours; both those still alive and those who had passed, asking if the spirit knew who these people were, but each time the answer was the same. The planchette would move quickly to ‘No.’

I came to the conclusion that we were being lied to. Myself and Chris sat with our fingers still on the planchette and were about to end the session when it began to move again. It spelled out the name of a street that my grandma had lived on around twenty years ago.

The spirit then also gave us the number they lived at when they were alive, house number, ’13’ and told us that they lived on the opposite side to my grandma.


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Speaking to my grandma

Days later I still couldn’t stop thinking about this interaction. I went to visit my grandma and explained to her that I’d been using an ouija board and had come into contact with a spirit who knew her. I went on to explain everything that the spirit had told us and my grandma said that she knew exactly who we’d been communicating with.

She said that the spirit without a doubt was a man who lived alone at number 13. My grandma also told me that she lived at number 36 at the time, meaning that what the spirit had told us about living on the opposite side of the road, was true.



I had met this person before

While I was speaking to my grandma about the spirit I’d interacted with, she said that I had met them before they passed. However, I would have been around two or three years old when my grandma lived at this particular address, so, unfortunately, I have no recollection of meeting this man, what he looked like or what he was like as a person.

Would you ever consider using an ouija board? Lets us know in the comments below.

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