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I Tried Pole Fitness For The First Time And Here’s Why I Love It

I Tried Pole Fitness For The First Time And Here’s Why I Love It

I Tried Pole Fitness For The First Time And Here's Why I Love It

Pole dancing: something many associate with strip clubs and other negative connotations. What they fail to realise is that behind all that sex appeal is another form of fitness along with many other positive qualities. Tried and tested by yours truly, I am here to tell you the reasons why I love pole fitness and what the benefits can be with the right mindset.

1. A Full Body Work Out

If you are looking for a workout that focuses on all areas of your body, you might want to give Pole Fitness a shot.

It is far different from going to the gym and doing various activities to work out certain parts of the body. Pole Fitness combines everything into one by working every muscle. It can help you tone up parts of your body such as your arms, abs and thighs as you will be working these muscles at every session you attend. It can also help you if you want to become more flexible as the routines you practice will push your body past its limits and aid it in stretching and becoming less restrained. Pole Fitness is also a great way to help you along with reaching your goal weight outside of the standard gym routine.


Whether you are a man willing to try something new and fun or a woman looking for an empowering workout, Pole Fitness is something you should consider.

2. Discovering Your Strength

I should say right off the bat that this is what scared me the most. I’ve never been the type to have great upper body strength and I was terrified of the prospect of holding my own weight up on a pole with gravity pulling me down.

What I learned is that there is more to it than upper body strength. So much of it comes from other parts of the body, such as thighs and core strength. It does take practice to make it all look effortless but once you get there you feel like you can do anything.


I found that I was stronger than I thought and exceeded my expectations of what I thought my body was capable of doing. I had never felt more strong or in control than when I practised pole.

3. Body Positive

If the physical benefits haven’t swayed you to try pole fitness yourself yet, maybe the mental benefits will. I’m probably not the only one who feels self-conscious and insecure time to time. I’m also not the only one looking for ways to feel empowered in everyday life on my way to improving my negative thinking.

Pole Fitness teaches you to let go of your insecurities and view your body as a powerful instrument that is capable of very physically challenging moves and routines in a way that embraces female sexuality. It is not about performing for others, it is about performing for yourself because you want to feel good about who you are and what you are doing. It brings together self-love and self-care into an exercise that leaves you feeling more in touch with positive feelings towards yourself.


It took me a while to become comfortable with my own body and let go of my reservations but I learned a valuable lesson; Pole Fitness does not discriminate. It does not matter who you are or what you look like, it is for everyone. Your weight, height, body type do not make you any better or worse at Pole Fitness than anyone else. Anyone can learn to do the routines and everyone is entitled to feel sexy and confident in their own skin. All it takes is some confidence and self-belief to tackle the voices that say you can’t.

4. Motivation

From the confidence and positivity, you gain motivation.

If you’re the type who cannot stick to a fitness routine and lose motivation to finish things, Pole Fitness could be a lesson for you to finish what you started.


It comes with a lot of challenges. You need to be able to pick yourself up again every time you fall, literally. The motivation to do well and succeed builds up as you become more confident and comfortable with the routines, your body, and those around you.

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Pole Fitness should never feel like a chore or a punishment. It is designed to make you feel sexy, athletic, or even arty. It is a place where you can go to take ownership of your body, a place where you can have fun trying and failing new routines and dances, and a place where you can let go of yourself and take life less seriously.


Pole Fitness is a personal experience and it is up to you what you get out of it. All it takes is a little motivation to change your outlook on life.

5. Social Activity

No one in a Pole Fitness class is there to judge you. In fact, quite the opposite, they are there to cheer you on.

The Pole circle isn’t just a class but a community of people supporting one another to do better and be better. Being such a niche activity with heavy scrutiny surrounding it creates a good basis for creating a community that will stick together and support one another.


I was feeling lonely and insecure before I joined a Pole Fitness class. I wasn’t sure how it would go, how they would perceive me, or if I could even do it. What I learned was that I had nothing to be scared of. No one was watching me waiting for me to fail. No one was looking at me to judge my body. No one was there with ill intentions.

I also learned that no one wanted me to feel alone. That’s how we became each other’s support system; Encouraging each other to do well, listening to each other’s stories, and forming a strong community bond built on respect for one another and acceptance of who we are as individuals.

That being said, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to look at Pole Fitness in a new light. For anyone thinking it might not be their cup of tea, I hope you find something about my experience that resonates with you and give it a shot.

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