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I Shop In The Men’s Jewellery Section And I Love It

I Shop In The Men’s Jewellery Section And I Love It

If you’re a woman who has never gotten into jewellery and accessorising, it might be because women’s jewellery just isn’t very exciting or very you. My solution: shopping in the men’s jewellery section.

So much of women’s jewellery is fine, fake, and flimsy. It often features very feminine designs that sometimes feel too over the top for someone looking for more simple, classic designs. I can’t deny that men’s jewellery is sometimes overly masculine, but more times than not it is perfectly classy and sophisticated.

Let me tell you what I love about men’s jewellery.



Men’s jewellery tends to be stronger.

Women’s jewellery is often times fine and easy to break, making them a risky investment due to their short lives. The materials used in women’s jewellery also happens to be weaker more often than not, including thin metals, plastics, and fabrics. This makes them hazardous in real life situations as they are so fragile and easy to ruin with simple wear and tear.


Men’s jewellery has thick chains and is made from stronger materials. The design choices in terms of style also justify the non-perishable aspect, as men’s jewellery is more often than not bolder and visible in comparison to the very thin chains and delicate features on women’s jewellery. The materials used need to be able to support the design, therefore, the materials are far stronger.

I have had too many necklace chains snap due to them being too thin and flimsy. Since starting to shop in the men’s section I have found the jewellery to be longer lasting and easier to maintain in comparison to my past experiences.

If you want lasting quality, I encourage you to give men’s accessories a try.



Men’s jewellery is typically easy to wear due to the design choices made in creating them.

Women’s jewellery tends to be feminine in nature, featuring many aspects that make them delicate or overly feminine. There is a reason why women struggle to choose jewellery to match their outfits: it comes in so many different designs that demand specific outfits to create a look that works.

The simpler, more neutral items tend to come in the form of fine jewellery which is easy to ignore as they do not announce their presence enough to be seen as anything special or unique.


Men’s jewellery is more neutral in design, ultimately making them easy to pair with anything you wear while still being noticeable. Men’s chains tend to be thicker and catch the eye more easily than a fine jewellery piece would.

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I myself have invested in many earrings, necklaces and rings, all marketed towards men, in my efforts to find jewellery that does not require much effort or brain work to make work. They are so easy to pair with any outfit and match no matter what I decide to wear.

Women’s jewellery has a tendency to make statements. Men’s jewellery does not share the same desire to be over to top or exaggerated, and even when they are, they are still easily worn with any outfit.

Money Saving

Men’s jewellery is not as expensive compared to women’s when considering all the other factors.


Because they are stronger, you are buying into items that are lasting and fit for any occasion you have coming up!

The demand for male accessories, especially jewellery has never been particularly high due to the assumption that it is feminine to be interested in fashion and accessorising. In recent years, men have been getting more involved with accessorising which has led to the market expanding their products to keep up with more fashion-forward men. However, men are still not the main consumers on the high street, therefore, they are able to keep prices low to entice men into spending a little extra for a little something extra. High prices will be more likely to push potential male buyers away from making that purchase.


Women’s jewellery, being so fine, also encourages women to buy more necklaces in order to layer them together for a bolder, more visible look whereas men’s jewellery is what it is. It is not designed with the purpose of being layered or invisible, the item is simply it. It is far more cost effective to shop for one item or a set than it is to buy multiple one-pieces in the women section just to create a full look.

In the end, who’s to say women can’t wear men’s jewellery? It’s just jewellery. If you’re looking for styles that are wearable everyday and inexpensive, explore what the men’s section has to offer next time you go shopping for new accessories.

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