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I Practiced Yoga For A Month And This Is The Result

I Practiced Yoga For A Month And This Is The Result

Yoga is a powerful practice that requires time and patience to see results but it's worth waiting! Try it out yourself - and you'll see the results!

Yoga has always been a practice I wanted to undertake and see where it would take me. A couple of years ago, I decided to give it a go, learn some new yoga moves and I was hoping it would help me relax and stay grounded too. I have read hundreds of yoga related articles and all of them highlighted the importance of yoga in our everyday life – how crucial it is when it comes to stress management and relaxation, and many more benefits. However, soon after I began my yoga journey I stopped practicing it under certain circumstance, and never really had a chance to see if it really works. I was skeptical because although everybody and mind is quite similar, they differ from person to person, and what works for person A may not necessarily work for person B.

It was only a few weeks ago that I have decided to commit to yoga for a month and see how it feels, what it really does and how it actually works for me. What I would truly recommend is being honest with yourself, be kind to yourself because you are your best friend even if sometimes it doesn’t really seem like it – You Are! Be patient because great things take time, it won’t magically happen overnight, it is a process you must believe it and work hard on to see results – so keep going! Here is what I have learned during the first month of yoga practice!

1. Yoga Practice Becomes A Habit

It is said that on average it takes around 66 days to create a habit – it does certainly depend on a person since it may be a month for you whereas 4 months for your friend. If you repeat something regularly and frequently, there is a high likelihood that this action or behavior will eventually become one of your habits. Whether you wish to break a bad habit or create a new healthy habit – it takes time and practice so be patient. Personally, by the end of my yoga month, I felt like I wanted to continue to explore the greatness of yoga and let it do positive things to my body and mind. Yoga seems to be a healthy addition I would strongly recommend trying out!


2. Yoga Improves Flexibility

It does depend on what kind of yoga you perform, however, generally speaking, yoga has a massive impact on your flexibility and mobility. When practices regularly, it may hugely improve your stretching skills as well as your perception of the practice itself.

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3. Yoga Reduces Stress Levels

There is no doubt about that! It isn’t just the asanas that do the magic here, however, the entire practice that comes to play! Make sure you control your breath during the practice since it plays the most important role here when it comes to decreasing stress levels in your body and helps you calm down and ease your mind. Our everyday life is packed with stressful events and stress-provoking thoughts, and it is extremely important to find an hour a day dedicated solely to yourself!


4. Mental And Physical Strength

Again, it takes time and practice but the result is unbelievable! This discipline improves your mental state, helps you find peace and relax your tense muscles. What many people do not realize is that more advanced yoga movements are actually very demanding and require endurance, thus it is very likely that your body will tone and sculpt.

What is your experience with yoga? Share with us in the comments below.

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