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I Ordered From Beauty Pie For The First Time And This Is What I Thought

I Ordered From Beauty Pie For The First Time And This Is What I Thought

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I love nothing more than a regulated skincare routine and some pretty brilliant makeup. What I don’t love is how pricey everything can be. So, when I received a free 24 hour pass for Beauty Pie in one of my Latest in Beauty boxes, I was intrigued. In case you don’t know, Beauty Pie is a subscription-based website in which you buy luxury products at cost-to-make price. Of course, these so-called luxury products don’t come in the packaging you pay for, but that’s a small price to pay in the long run!

I had £100 worth of funds on the card given to me

Which I thought would buy me an incredible amount of things until I realised that the total cost of your basket is added from what would be usually charged for the luxury items instead of what you pay; for example, if you bought a concealer, you would only be charged cost price, say £5.00, but £25 would be taken off your total funds. With this in mind, things get a little more complicated.

I knew I wanted to buy lipstick, as a lipstick obsessive, and I also was curious about the foundation. In the end I bought, with nothing money left on the card, two lipsticks, a lip pencil, an eyeliner, and a foundation. My total came to £22.49 instead of the £100 it would usually have cost and I paid a reasonable £3.36 for shipping and handling. Not bad!


Side Note: The website is easy to navigate and well-laid out, but the one thing I would want to improve is that you cannot format products ‘low-to-high’ or ‘high-to-low’, which was annoying when I only had a certain amount left to spend. Other than that, everything is separated into different categories for efficient shopping!

My order took a few hours to be confirmed which made me nervous

But then once it was confirmed it was dispatched the same day! The order took two days to arrive and was delivered in a black box, once again in keeping with the sleek, minimalist theme the website had. The packaging ensured it was well-protected, with nothing bumped or scratched, and the individual items came in packaging that reminded me of MAC packaging designs, which is probably intentional.

In detail, I ordered:

1.Everyday Great Skin Foundation in the shade Ivory (100) – typical price £30, I paid £6.72


2.Moisture-Lock Wondergel Lip Liner in the shade Vanilla Nude – typical price £15, I paid £2.88

3.FutureLipstick Luxe Shine in the shade Raisin D’Etre – typical price £20, I paid £4.30

4.FutureLipstick Satin in the shade Nude Honey – typical price £20, I paid £4.85

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5.Supercolour Eyeliner in the shade Brown Beauty – typical price £15, I paid £3.74

The foundation I ordered is unfortunately too light right now but when it comes to winter time it will be perfect and as of now I just blend it with a darker one to even it out. However, I love the finish it leaves, and it makes my skin look natural but also clear and smooth. Definitely worth the price and much better than other high-street ones similarly priced. The two lipsticks I also love, especially Raisin D’Etre, which has become my new favourite because of how rich and flattering the pigment is – a wonderful Autumn lipstick! I have to confess that the lip pencil didn’t quite meet my expectations, but at £2.88 I can’t complain, and it is a nice accompaniment for nude lipsticks. Finally, the eyeliner is gorgeous. The pigment is rich, and it comes with a handy smudge brush on the other end for that perfect smoky eye. For the price, I would more than recommend it!


As for negatives, I noticed (much to my disappointment) that certain items, such as the luxury set of ‘JapanFusion’ skincare aka J-Beauty that typically retails for £225 but was on the website for an incredible £26.86, would take a certain amount of working out to actually buy because of the way the subscriptions work. Even the highest subscription at £20 a month only gives you £200 of money per month, which means you would either have to roll over your total to next month to purchase it or wait several more months if you had the lower subscription rates. You can purchase the products without a subscription but of course you pay full price for them, which kind of defeats the purpose! Also, once you purchase a subscription you are locked into it for three months, so be wary of that!

Verdict: I would definitely buy from Beauty Pie again

Although the subscription can be annoying, the products are definitely worth it, and even with the subscription costs totalled in the overall price is still a lot less than I would usually pay for similar products.

Now get shopping! What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!

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