I Lost My Virginity To The Song Candy By Aggro Santos

Loosing your virginity to a song can make or break how memorable and good your first time is. Check out our writer Joey confess which song he lost his virginity to.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend over overly-priced cocktails and an array of tapas dishes.

As we took some sips we somehow got onto the conversation of having sex to music, in particularly what music was playing while we lost our virginity.

For her it was Pony by Ginuwine; a perfect “love making” song, able to make anybody swoon and go weak through the heavy bass line and thumping beats.

I Lost My Virginity To The Song Candy By Aggro Santos

For me however, it was Aggro Santos’ (remember him?) breakout single Candy which featured ex Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. The track was Santos’ debut single, a synth pop and flirtatious track. It peaked at number 5 and in the U.K. and was certified sliver for over 200,000 copies sold. 

Prior the conversation I had never really thought about the time I lost my virginity.

It’s not something I particularly look back on regularly nor want to be reminded off. Albeit, I don’t particularly remember it that well, one thing I do remember is the sound of Mr Aggro Santos himself repeatedly saying the word ‘candy!’ … ‘candy!’ … ‘candy!’ over the throbbing David Guetta style beats, just as I officially lost my v card.

I Lost My Virginity To The Song Candy By Aggro Santos

I’ve always wondered why is there so much emphasis on music playing while you “get it on” so to speak. Is it to stop the awkwardness? To disguise sexual groans and noises? Or is it merely a way for a man to show you how good his rhythm is? Regardless, there’s even playlists on Spotify purely dedicated to lovemaking. Expect The Weeknd, Trey Songz, Rihanna and a whole lot of Marvin Gaye.

A study conducted by researchers from McGill University found that listening to music prompts the release of dopamine, the “happy” chemical in our brains

This also gets released when we eat, sleep and of course shag. Similarly, a report released back in 2000 explored the relationship between listening to music and exercise. The study showed that people who listen to music while engaging in physical activity feel less fatigue. 

As most of us know sex can be just as exhausting as a gym session. You can be literally covered in sweat all while simultaneously trying to reach that point we all so desperately crave. In a way sex pushes your limits, it tests your endurance all while making you sweat profusely.

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So does that mean listening to music while having sex allows you to burn more calories?!?!

What a fantastic and easy way to burn off all your christmas treats! I suppose by cranking up the tunes in the bedroom, you can focus on your moves, your timing and your rhythm (god knows some people should) 

Speaking to two of my friends that are a couple they told me that they regularly listen to music while having sex. “We have two playlists – one for rough and one for slow. It all depends on how we’re feeling.” The fact that they have two separate playlists for the two types of sex they may be in the mood for is astonishing. (Must make a metal note of that idea.)

I Lost My Virginity To The Song Candy By Aggro Santos

Stumbling into my Uber home from drinks, I’m a little bit tipsy.

Scrolling through my phone I decide to make a sex playlist. Rihanna? Add to playlist! Hannah Montana? Erm maybe not. Ginuwine? Hell yes, add to playlist! 

As I get back to my flat I find my boyfriend sat on the sofa watching the latest Drag Race episode. It was right there that I connected my phone to the speaker, lit a few candles and turned the lights down low. Alexa? Play my sex playlist.

I Lost My Virginity To The Song Candy By Aggro Santos

What song did you loose your virginity to? Was it an embarrassing song? Or was it a great choice? Let us know in the comments below! 

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