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I Interviewed Margot Robby And Here’s What She’s Like

I Interviewed Margot Robby And Here’s What She’s Like

It’s not every day you get to interview an Oscar-nominated, A-list actress. It’s even more unusual to hit it off with one.  Here's how I met Margot Robbie!

It’s not every day you get to interview an Oscar-nominated, A-list actress. It’s even more unusual to hit it off with one.  I’m sharing my experience meeting Margot Robbie with Society19 readers because it taught me the importance of saying yes when you’re given opportunities that might only happen once while you’re at University.

Yes, I got the chance to meet Margot Robbie and she’s even cooler in person. But first, let me set the scene.

So how exactly did you end up interviewing her?

To fulfil the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications), I was required to complete an internship at a media outlet to gain the practical experience necessary to succeed in a particularly competitive industry. Luckily, I completely lucked out and managed to secure an editorial placement at VICE Australia. Winning!


Literally, on my very first day in the office, my truly iconic editor said the words that made me have a full on is this real life freakout.

“Margot Robbie is in town to promote I, Tonya. Would you like to do the interview?”

Of course, I could barely contain my high pitched acceptance of the assignment. In Australia, we have a special reverence for actors who start out in one of our beloved soaps – either Neighbours or Home and Away – it’s where our beloved Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth and of course Margot Robbie burst onto the scene before taking over the world.


Why I Love Margot Robbie!

However, Margot Robbie was always my personal favourite. As a teen, I was OBSESSED with her portrayal of Donna Freedman, the bisexual bad girl of Ramsey Street. I’d eagerly followed her quest to take over Hollywood, cheering as she stole the show as a Brooklyn bad girl in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad’s manically perfect Harley Quinn. The fact that she’d just been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as my favourite misunderstood disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding was just the cherry on top.

Although I quickly prepared 40 questions, my editors insisted on a Neighbours angle as the best fit for VICE. Honestly, I would have asked Margot about her favourite shampoo if it meant I got to be in her presence so with the details confirmed I was bundled into an Uber and off to the glamorous five-star realness of the Park Hyatt hotel. True luxury!

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Chatting with an Australian A-Lister

Each interviewer was only given 5 minutes with the very busy star. Luckily, as soon as I walked into the room Margot made me feel like an old friend. Yes, she was even more beautiful in real life but it was her down to earth warmth that has stayed with me. It’s just proof that whilst she now inhabits an entirely different world, she’s still an Australian girl from a Queensland farm at heart.

Her eyes lit up as we discussed her soap star beginnings in Australia, her initial disbelief that Tonya Harding’s life story was a true story, female empowerment in Hollywood in the era of #metoo and her plans to direct in the future.  

But just like that, my time was up. When I thanked her for being the best first major interview a young intern could ask for she eagerly exclaimed that I was “so kind and cute!”  After a quick photo, it was time for me to return to reality.


What do you learn from meeting your heroes?

So to all the readers of Society19, I’ve got some key advice. A simple work experience placement could have you meeting your heroes – so make sure you use your time at University well. Seize every moment and maybe you could also be chatting with your favourite stars one day!

What would you ask your favourite celebrity if you interviewed them? Let us know in the comments!

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