I Drank Kombucha Every Day And Here’s The Truth

I drank kombucha and had some mixed feelings about it. But it did benefit my health. Even though it left a gross taste in my mouth.

Before I drank kombucha for a week, I was lazy, unhealthy, and I had a breakout of acne on my chin. After drinking kombucha, every one of those points changed—but I have a stomach that feels like acid.

Let me break it down.

It Improved My Skin

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that sometimes contains alcohol. It can be bought ready-made, or prepared at home. When buying the remade variety there are a lot of flavours on offer.


My flavour of choice was ginger—slightly spicy, but I felt that it would provide more health benefits that a fruity alternative.

Fermented drinks such as kombucha contain a lot of beneficial bacteria that can help your stomach. As a result, your oral and skin hygiene are also improved. I don’t know about oral hygiene (see below), but my skin definitely saw a change.

My skin became less dry, a little dewier, and I definitely felt that I had a natural glow going on. The texture of my skin also improved. When cleansing, I felt that a few of the small bumps usually on my skin had already reduced.


I Drank Kombucha Everyday for a Week and Here’s the Truth

I Ate Less

Whether it was a stomach that felt like vinegar, the gross reflux (sorry), or just the off-putting taste, I didn’t crave food as much as before. When I did, it wasn’t the junk I usually gravitate towards. Instead, I craved fresh fruit, fruit juices, and a lot of water to wash down the taste.

I cannot tell you how sick of ginger I was by the end of the week. If you want to dip your toe into the drinking craze, I recommend trying a fruit flavour.


I Drank Kombucha Everyday and Here’s the Truth

My Teeth Felt Gross

Maybe it was the brand of kombucha I drank, maybe it was the ginger flavour. Either way, each night before brushing my teeth they felt slightly rough.

The furry or rough feeling comes as a result of plaque, which can arise from sugar in our food. Left untreated (brush your teeth!) it can cause long-term damage.


After brushing, my teeth felt better, but I was slightly dismayed that the benefits my skin received were not matched by my teeth.

I Drank Kombucha Everyday and Here’s the Truth

I Felt More Energetic

I haven’t found any health reasons to back this up, but weirdly, I felt a lot more active.


Obviously, I didn’t go out for a run—it’s not a miracle drink—but I did feel more alert when doing chores, working, and speaking to people. In general, I felt switched on, like my brain had gained something it may have lost from a poor diet.

After learning of these benefits, I felt a lot more eager to drink the kombucha each day.

I Drank Kombucha Everyday and Here’s the Truth


I Went Caffeine Free

By the end of the week, I felt a lot more energetic, my skin was improving, and I looked forward to drinking kombucha.


It was time for the biggest step of all: giving up my morning caffeine.

I’m not as hardcore as other; tea is fine for me, but since drinking kombucha, I eager to get rid of the substance. Kombucha contains about a third of the caffeine of tea, even though it originates from the drink.

Pretty soon that cold bottle felt more like a dietary supplement than a fun experiment. I couldn’t argue with the results.


I Drank Kombucha Everyday and Here’s the Truth

I Will Continue

I’m not a medical professional, and cannot say whether these results were placebo or fact. What I do know is that the results I experienced were real to me.

Over the week my skin had improved (but the end of the week I could even see my blemishes reducing), my energy levels had lifted, and I felt healthier. I had mildly changed the diet I had started with, and I felt the rest of my body benefit.


Whether it was the drink that did it, or just my mindset, I will continue to drink kombucha. Just probably not ginger.

Have you drunk kombucha? What was your experience? Tell us in the comments!

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