How You Can Try To Eat Healthy On Campus

With all the eating options available on college campuses, eating healthy can be tricky for hardworking students. Hee's some tips on how to eat healthy!

Eating healthy on campus can be challenging, especially when there are so many easy, convenient options that appeal to busy students. But instead of opting for fast food or snacks that are readily available, it is not difficult to make a few small changes to try to eat healthy. Here are some tips for eating as healthy as possible while studying and attending classes, to ensure you’re putting away the best fuel for your studies!

1. Bring your own lunch

What students often forget or don’t realise is when they buy lunch at campus cafeterias, it can be difficult to know if they’re eating healthy. The food is often laid out in a self-serve fashion, so there can be a lack of nutritional information.  If you pack your own lunch, you know exactly what you’re making, and you’ll be satisfied not to take a wander to see what the cafeteria has to offer. And an added bonus is you’ll save more money in the long run by bringing a packed lunch instead of spending in the cafes!

How You Can Try and Eat Healthy on Campus

2. Drink plenty of water

It’s a predictable one, but it cannot be stressed enough how important water is for so many reasons, especially for contributing to eating healthy on campus. If you’re studying in the library for hours or going to multiple classes, staying hydrated will keep headaches and fatigue at bay. It is also well-known that thirst can often be confused for hunger, so take a drink of water before you reach for that chocolate bar and you might find the feeling has passed – you might just be thirsty during a long study period! And of course, it can be so easy for students with deadlines and assignments piling up to rely on energy drinks to give you that surge, which doesn’t last. As well as providing only a short-term buzz, they are filled with sugar and other junk that are bad for your gut – so stick to water if you want to avoid being in the library toilet all afternoon!


 3. Be smart about your workspace

Where you choose to study can actually have a big impact on how you can try and eat healthily. For example, if you’re working near a busy cafe or vending machines, you are more likely to become distracted by the accessibility of snacks and sugary sodas. Stick to a quiet area of the library, perhaps even where eating is not allowed, so you’re not tempted by junk food and you’re focused on your work. This is an overall good study tip, not just for eating healthy but for concentration and having peace and quiet while working.

How You Can Try and Eat Healthy on Campus

4. Brain food

As well as bringing your own food to campus, you should be savvy about the kind of food you’re eating, not only to eat healthy but for aiding your focus, concentration and learning. Oily fish such as tuna and salmon is really tasty, and contains omega-3 which is vital for developing brain cells and improving memory. A great snack option is blueberries, described as a ‘superfood’ for their antioxidant properties as well as their ability to help with memory. Fruit, in general, is great for your brain if it contains vitamin C, and it’s more refreshing than fatty or salty snacks which will only leave your brain tired and your concentration lapsed. It’s just as important to have a healthy mind as well as eating healthy when you’re a student.


How You Can Try and Eat Healthy On Campus


5. Coffee (in moderation!)

Water is best to keep you hydrated, but having a coffee while studying is not all that bad either. Studies have shown that students who drink coffee before a study session work harder and stay focused for longer than those who do not get a caffeine fix. It is also a great mood-booster and gives you that feeling of being ready for the day ahead – something many students need to feel to take on a long day of classes and assignments. Approach coffee with caution though, as the caffeine is addictive and it’s vital to get a good night’s sleep when you’re a student. Getting enough sleep along with eating healthy and looking after your brain is vital to being overall healthy on campus!

What do you think of these tips for eating healthy on campus? How do you eat healthy? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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