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How To Write An Interview Thank You Email That Will Grab An Employer’s Attention

How To Write An Interview Thank You Email That Will Grab An Employer’s Attention


When it comes to conjuring up an interview thank you email, sticking to the basics just won’t do. You need to be innovative and put those organisational and hard-working skills that you listed on your CV into practice. Why? Because no matter what stage you’re at in your career, I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re hoping to outdo your rival applicants. If you follow these three ingenious steps, you won’t be receiving any rejection letters any time soon – trust me.

Step 1: Write it BEFORE you go

By composing an interview thank you email before you go and saving it in your drafts, this puts you in an extremely powerful position. This level of preparation and organisation will show an employer many things about you, therefore benefitting you in all the right ways. By composing it beforehand, you can put everything into words that you may or may not remember to bring up in your actual interview. What’s better is that you’ll be writing it in the most optimistic frame of mind rather than when you’re dealing with any post-interview anxiety. In addition to this, quickly acquired interview thank you email will show the employer that you have a true passion for the industry and are eager to get stuck in straight away. The key is to send it just minutes after you’ve finished up with them as this will make it obvious that you were prepared to ace it before you even stepped foot inside the interview space.


Step 2: Go the extra mile

Why send a boring and typical interview thank you email that mainly consists of you thanking them for their time and the opportunity? Boring. This is what everyone else does (or they should do at least) and any employer would see it, have a quick scan, carry on scrolling and probably won’t even respond. Instead, why not send them an enticing attachment. Tease them with alluring language by thanking them and adding that you’ve got something for them to take a look that you think they’d find interesting… This extra thing to add to your interview thank you email that I’m talking about can be made with a simple PowerPoint. Grab some design inspo from Pinterest for a cool set up and just add a couple of short and sweet slides on how exactly you plan on benefitting the organisation. Do as much research as you can on the company beforehand to really apply yourself to their goals as a brand. Another tip is to use the company’s branding whether it’s their logo in the corner of each slide or their home-style colour palette, you’ll come across as though you’d fit in like a final puzzle piece.

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Step 3: Leave a call to action (CTA)

Rather than finishing up your interview thank you email with a rumbling of even more thanks, show them that you have confidence in yourself. Tell them that you look forward to hearing back from them. This will instantly plant a seed in their mind that they need to respond to you ASAP and will, therefore, put you higher up on their list of priorities. By finishing off all of your hard work both in and out of the interview with this final step, you will feel fully satisfied in knowing that you did everything you could. In life, it’s not about hoping for things to happen, it’s about actually doing them, or at least maximising your efforts to ensure a positive outcome. Interviews can really take it out of you but all it takes is a decent amount of grafting and you can be one step closer to living your dream lifestyle.

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