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How To Write A Follow Up Email That Will Get You The Job

How To Write A Follow Up Email That Will Get You The Job

It can be difficult getting your foot in the door when it comes to applying for jobs, especially when it comes to graduating from uni and trying to make your mark. We’ve all been there. You find yourself a job that you know you’re perfect for, you submit your application, smash you interview, and then-nothing. Knowing how to write a follow up email effectively can work wonders. That’s where we can help you out and show you how to write a follow up email that will get you the job!

1. Give them a chance

If you have recently had an interview or applied for a job, make sure to give them enough time to get back to you first. If you are told a length of time it will take them to get back to you, give them 2-3 days after that date. If not, then two weeks is courteous. Some companies can be notorious for not keeping applicants in the loop with the progress of their applications.


2. Have a clear subject

When it comes to emails, your potential employer is bound to be inundated with emails from all sorts of people. This is where having a clear subject line in your email will help you with how to write a follow up email. A lot of people have filters on their emails, so if the email is from an unknown address and has no subject line, the email will go straight into the spam folder and never read. Also include your name and the job you’re applying for so that it’s clear.

3. Know who you’re talking to

When it comes to how to write a follow up email, you want to make a good first impression. Therefore, knowing the name of the person you’re talking to is crucial. Otherwise, it will look as though you’re not interested enough to find out their name and will reflect badly on you.


4. Keep it short and to the point

The next step in how to write a follow up email is to make sure that you keep your email brief and don’t ramble on. The person reading the email will probably have a lot of emails to get through, so you want to make it easy on them, whilst getting your point across.

5. Big yourself up a bit

Make sure to fit in why you would be perfect for the position. You want to let your employer know why you’re the right one for the job and not any of the other applicants. Remember how badly you want this job! Don’t let it slip away!

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6. Ask questions

If you had any questions following your interview that you forgot to ask, or have thought of any since, you this chance to ask those questions. In terms of how to write a follow up email that will get you the job, this is going to work in your favours, as it will show how interested you are in the position and will help to single you out from the competition.

7. Remember to say thank you

Your employer has taken time out of their day, just to read your email. Make sure you let them know exactly how grateful you are. A simple “thank you for taking the time” before you sign off you email is enough, remember as well as being polite, we’re trying to keep it brief.


Follow these 7 simple steps on how to write a follow up email, and you’re guaranteed to bag yourself the job of your dreams! Have you tried any of these tips for yourselves? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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