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How To Upgrade Your Wardrobe On A Budget

It’s a deflating feeling when you’re searching through your closet getting ready to head out and you’re faced with a load of old, mis-matched pieces that don’t *spark joy* anymore (queue Marie Kondo). If we were in a Hollywood movie, this would be the part where we take daddy’s credit card to the nearest designer mall and revamp your entire wardrobe. Sadly, most of us don’t have that level of disposable income, the only real option being re-vamping your wardrobe on a budget: luckily for you, I have some killer tips on how to do it effectively.

1) Thrift it up

Thrifting often gets a bad rap, a lot of people think it’s unsanitary, hard work and impossible to find something you like in the correct size. Whilst I agree that thrifting is a bit of a challenge, it’s certainly the easiest method of updating your wardrobe on a budget. Take some friends and enjoy the challenge of it together, there’s nothing more satisfying than rummaging through the stacks only to find a beautiful dress that fits you like a glove, all for $10. The benefit of taking a friend is that you might pull something out that won’t look right on you, but might look great on your friend, it’s also nice to have some company and conversation whilst you search through the masses. Thrifting is not only cheap, it’s economical and it’s a way to donate to charity, you really can’t go wrong!

2) Get crafty

Looking at that midi dress wondering why the hell you bought it? Cut it and hem it into a mini dress! If you decide something in your wardrobe is outdated or that you don’t like it on your body shape, switch it up. Alter pieces you already own, whether it’s just changing the length, adding a slit, or sewing on cool patches or sequins. Give an old piece a new lease of life whilst making it to your taste and totally unique!

3) Invest in the staples

It can be super tempting when payday comes around to splurge it all on some fashionable bargain pieces. However, these items will probably be out of fashion by next month, if they haven’t already fallen apart by then. My advice to you would be to invest your monthly clothing allowance is a staple piece that you know is going to last. Having a wardrobe with pieces such as: a good pair of jeans; a smart jacket and a flattering black skirt will mean you always have an item to match your outfit and you’ll spend less money in the long run replacing cheap, poorly made items.

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4) Have a swap sale with your friends

Got some friends in the same boat as you? Clear out the ‘blah’ pieces from your wardrobe and get together with a group of friends who have done the same, now you can swap and trade your old boring pieces for something new (to you anyway). You’d be surprised at how much you love some of your mates’ old stuff that they’re ready to part with!

5) Accessorise

Literally the easiest way to make your wardrobe feel new and exciting. You’d be surprised how much as outfit transforms with the addition of a cute belt and some layered necklaces. If you want to really add some edge to your look, style it with a beret and some clunky boot heels, or a cool choker style necklace. These sorts of things can be found super cheap from markets or even websites like eBay. Accessorising also really challenges your eye for fashion and makes you try different combinations you never would have thought to try before.

The key is to not be too disheartened: stop looking at all the flaws and problems with your wardrobe and start looking at its potential. Be imaginative when you look at each piece of clothing and make it a fun challenge to give it a new lease of life. Once you start putting your creativity at work, it’s actually pretty easy to update your wardrobe on a budget.

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