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How To Treat Bad Cellulite That You’re Done Dealing With

How To Treat Bad Cellulite That You’re Done Dealing With

Do you have bad cellulite that you're over trying to fix? Here's how to treat bad cellulite that you're done seeing day in and day out! Get rid of that cellulite on your thighs with these methods!

Yorkshire puddings, chocolate fondue’s and Chinese-takeaways are great, but not when they bring that uninvited friend to the party… cellulite. Trying to maintain your body during winter, or autumn… or any season for that matter, is difficult and requires a lot of work for the majority of us. In fact, 90% of women in the UK has once had or currently has cellulite – we are not alone! I am sure we are all ready to get our skin wrinkle and cellulite-free ready for these scorching summer months approaching, right? Well here are some great ways of treating that bad cellulite!

Body brushing

The best thing since sliced bread… body brushing. This is hailed as being one of the best and most effective ways in reducing the appearance of cellulite, and has been found to be even more effective than certain toning exercising – so let’s get our feet up and begin scrubbing! These tend to have sturdy bristles in a round dome shape – perfect for creating circular motions and exfoliating at the same time.


The word we all hate… Exercise

Exercise (unfortunately) is a great way to help combat our unwanted cellulite. Cardio and weight training go hand-in-hand to tone up any flabby areas of our body that are lacking some elasticity. An exercise that will not only bring you a Kim-K butt but help our wrinkled skin is the infamous squats!

Get the prosecco water in!

A major factor in helping prevent or diminish cellulite is cutting down (insert crying face) alcohol, and replacing it with (insert ultra crying face) water. Alcohol is a liquid that actually dehydrates our skin, meaning our skin becomes less plump and lacks elasticity. Water will help make our skin look more youthful and smooth and effectively reduce those craters on our butt and stomach- drink up ladies!


Consuming whole-grain and fiber-full foods will also help to depart from cellulite. Eating a clean diet will get rid off unwanted fat meaning the skin will become more plump and healthy in preparing itself. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and beans are great foods to be devouring! Dig in!


For all coffee lover’s out there this one is for you…

Caffeine is a great way of treating cellulite. It is regularly found in many cosmetic treatments and moisturisers for its ability to break down fat-stores. However, it is not the only resolution… although it has been proven to reduce cellulite in a small area, it will not combat a larger area on our bodies. So take that caffeine in moderation!

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Pamper yourself

This goes along with exercise and eating well…moisturising. If you are taking other actions to reduce bad cellulite, moisturiser is a great way to help reduce the appearance. Plumping the skin and ensuring our skin remains hydrated and moisturised means our skin can repair itself quicker. When applying, rub in in circular motions to encourage the fat under the skin to smooth out and move from one concentrated spot. Unfortunately, results are not overnight – so keep at it and good luck!

Ahhhhh, massages!

Contain your excitement! Massages aka a girl’s best friend, have proven to reduce the appearance of bad cellulite in just over 10 weeks or weekly treatments. Visiting a spa can be quite expensive, but if possible it is a great way to relax your body and encourage the fat stored under our skin to smooth out. BRB while we book our VIP massages!


Do you have bad cellulite that you want to treat? Let us know in the comment section below!

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