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8 Tips On How To Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Bad In Bed

8 Tips On How To Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Bad In Bed

Take tips on how to tell your boyfriend he's bad in bed. With these tips and tricks you can make it less awkward for both.

It’s never easy to have to sit your boyfriend down and tell him that he’s bad in bed, but sometimes, it’s needed. Here are some tips on how to tell your boyfriend he’s bad in bed!

1. Drop suggestive hints.

What not to do in most cases anyways, is to just flat out tell them that they suck. Whether you’re after give they pay you more attention or focus more on your sexy parts or kiss you more, or go harder with the foreplay, whatever the case SUBTLY IS KEY. Men generally are simple creatures, if you subtly suggest your desires, it’s the best way to get better sex without making him feel like less of a man. For example, if you tell him that you loved when he sucked on your nipples, chances are he’s going to give them nipples all the love he has to give, and he’ll feel like it’s all his doing that the sex is better. So check out the below for how to tell your boyfriend he’s bad in bed.

Drop hints

2. Be positive and nice in your approach.

If one thing can be said about all men whether they’re amazing or appalling in bed is that they’re masculinity is fragile and telling them their sex skills are a strong 3/10 (when greatly under the influence) when they think they’re at an 11, is practically just as worse if not worse than practically taking their balls. Spare their male ego and their balls and express your desire for better sex in a way that doesn’t leave them feeling shitty.

be nice

3. Shake things up.

Sometimes, especially when you fall into a long-term relationship- sexual or romantic, the sex can grow to become more of a routine or a chore which ultimately leads to the sex becoming boring, predictable and sucky. Try spicing things up in the bedroom such as new positions, some kinkier stuff, adding something (or someone) new to the bedroom can easily make that dreadful sex tons better. If it sounds sexy and fun just go for it.

Shake things up

4. Don’t judge too quickly.

When a guy is bad in bed, don’t be too quick to rule him out as unskilled or bad in bed. Sometimes you can catch a guy on an off time whether it’s a one-night stand or just an off-sex moment don’t always use that one moment to term that trashy lovers. How To Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Bad In Bed will make things easier.


5. Look at your expectations.

Stop comparing your sex lives to that shown in pornos, 8/10 times your sex won’t end in some glorious harmonised orgasm with your partner- hell there will even been times where you don’t even orgasm during sex, but that doesn’t mean that sex is thusly trash and bad. Lots of people don’t fully orgasm during sex and still have amazing sex.

I want. more

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6. Be at the same level.

Sometimes the issue might not be that your man is necessarily bad in bed but just that you guys aren’t vibing sexually on a similar level -this is more so prevalent in newer couples. Chances are he might even think that you’re he one that sucks in bed. Luckily all that really needs to be done is communicate with your sex partner so that they can better understand where you’re coming from. How To Tell Your Boyfriend He’s Bad In Bed will help you.


7. Physically show what you want.

In a position where maybe you’re just not being hit in the right place, or maybe it’s that they aren’t paying enough attention to your other body parts, follow the common mantra- Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes you might just need to physically guide his hands to give your boobs more love or to just touch you more.

Touch me

8. Sometimes you’ll just have to cut your losses.

This can be incredibly hard if they guy is 100% your type on paper, but their sex game is just trash. If you’ve known them for a shorter time, then ultimately, it’s a lot easier you just need to let them know that you don’t feel like the both of you are sexually compatible. Though sexual chemistry and a happy sex life are important for a relationship, you shouldn’t sacrifice what could be a potentially very good relationship over bad sex, especially without having tried to remedy it with your partner.

bad sex

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