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How To Tell That You’re Definitely From Glasgow

How To Tell That You’re Definitely From Glasgow

How To Tell That You're Definitely From Glasgow

There’s quirks with coming from any city, and coming from Glasgow, there’s only a few things you’ll understand if you’re from this part of Scotland. Here’s some of the things you’ll understand:

1. You’re comfortable talking to anyone and everyone

People from Glasgow are known for being friendly and it’s true! If you’re from Glasgow, you can talk to anyone and everyone without thinking about it because it just comes naturally to you. You’ve always got something to talk about and you’re always up for meeting new people.


2. You can drink anyone under the table who is not from Glasgow

No one can drink like Glaswegians. You will not be able to find anyone who can handle their bevvies like us, apart from maybe some parts of Ireland, it’s just a fact of being part of this city.

3. You shout the chant known throughout Glasgow when a banger comes on

When you’re dancing in the club and a tune everybody and their mum knows and loves comes on, you know you’re all going to start shouting ‘here we, here we, here we f**king go!’. Nowhere else has this tradition and it’s a great one to have.


4. You always carry an umbrella

Living in Glasgow, you’re kind of used to experiencing rain every day or four seasons in one. You carry an umbrella everywhere if you’re posh, or you wear a hood like everyone else in case it rains on you. If you’re on a night out and you don’t want to ruin your look, you put your jacket over your head. It’s a Glasgow thing.

5. Irn Bru is your hangover cure

After a heavy night of drinking, the first thing you want is a drink of the ginger stuff and a roll and sausage. It’s the Glasgow hangover cure combo to get you through your Sundays.


6. You can understand the Glasgow dialect

People struggle to understand the West of Scotland accent, even people from other parts of Scotland. It’s entirely unique and it’s what makes Glasgow great. Even if it’s a heavy accent from Maryhill, you can still understand what the person is saying.

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7. You dress like it’s Majorca on a warm day

The rare times Glasgow sees the sun, everyone strips down like they’re on holiday. Is it taps aff weather? The sun’s out, of course it is! As soon as there’s news of a heatwave about to hit the city, you grab your shorts and sandals and head for the nearest park to catch some rays.


8. You know what good banter is

No one has a sense of humour like Glaswegians. With some of the funniest comedians coming from this side of the country such as Frankie Boyle and Kevin Bridges, people from this city have some great chat and know how to have a laugh.

9. You know how to pronounce ‘Sauchiehall’

How to prove someone is from Glasgow: they can read out the street names of Glasgow with correct pronunciation without hesitation. Listening to people from England try and say ‘Sauchiehall Street’ is both funny and frustrating.

10. Your insults are creative

Everyone knows the notoriously funny side of twitter belonging solely to the Scots. The insults are by far the funniest part; you have anything from ‘absolute weapon’ to ‘actual rocket’. Here’s a list of some of the best tweets available.


Are you from Glasgow? What could you relate to on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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