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How To Stop Being Afraid Of Having Sex With The Lights On

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Having Sex With The Lights On

Sex with the lights on can be daunting when you're not entirely comfortable in your skin, but we're here to boost your confidence with this guide.

Learning how to get used to having sex without being afraid of your body being seen is a tricky thing, but here is are some small steps you can take so that you smash that body confidence when you’re next in the bedroom. Struggling with body image is a very hard thing to deal with, but sex can still be enjoyable regardless of your struggles. These are just some small steps to take to build you up to the moments when you do want to have sex, and maybe your partner wants to keep the lights on. Rather than shy away, it’s about being fearless in those moments and realising that your body is a temple. If you love yourself, then you project that love onto your partner’s body.

Nobody should be more concerned with their surroundings, never mind if the lights on. Focus on the moment! The whole point is for you and your partner to feel sexually satisfied, and if you’re focusing you’re more likely to have a better time, and to make your partner feel more special. You want to be focusing on what they want, and how they feel. So be selfless, and enjoy yourself.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Having Sex With The Lights On

1. Get comfortable with being Naked

It sounds ridiculous but you really have to be comfortable in your own skin to have sex without being afraid. It’s not going to happen overnight, but maybe when you come out of the shower, admire your body for a little bit. You are a goddess, and nobody would be having sex with you if they didn’t find you attractive. Hiding your body will only ruin the experience for you, so stop hiding your body away, and flaunt it. You’re PERFECT.

2. Focus on the moment.

In the moment if your mind is wandering elsewhere, it can be scary. Trying and allow yourself to be in that moment, and not allow little bits of insecurity ruin the pleasure for you.

How To Stop Being Afraid Of Having Sex With The Lights On

3. Don’t be Afraid to ask for Reassurance.

If you’re feeling down about yourself, but you still want to have fun with your partner don’t shy away from asking them for some pointers. You can get through if you have someone almost letting you know that what you’ve got going on makes them feel good. Slowly, you will be dancing around naked, with the lights on.

4. Slowly build yourself up to Sex with the Lights on.

Maybe start off with a candle, and then slowly move onto a lamp to slowly set the mood, and then bring yourself to the big finale; Sex with the Lights On. If you bring yourself up to it slowly, then it will make you feel more ready for the moment. Stop being afraid of being seen, and enjoy your the moment, and enjoy someone else loving you.

5. Make more Eye-contact with your partner.

If you’re more into looking in your partner’s eyes, then you can feel more of a connection with them, and they will be focusing on the moment just like you whilst enjoying your body. If you’re thinking less about how you look, and more about if you’re both feeling good then that’s a good step.

 How To Stop Being Afraid Of Having Sex With The Lights On

Getting used to sex with the lights on is tricky if you’re insecure, but it is an easy process once you allow yourself to help yourself. You will find that if you allow yourself to relax, and be more carefree that the experience can get even wilder.

It’s about exploring each other’s bodies and getting to know how you want it to be, so allow yourself to fully get into it. Your amazing body shouldn’t prevent that! Let’s discuss in the comments. How do you get comfortable? What do you hate? Let’s talk sex & body confidence!

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