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How To Stay Self Confident After Being Single For A Long Time

How To Stay Self Confident After Being Single For A Long Time

It can be hard to have a lot of confidence in yourself when you're single. That being said, here are some tips on how to stay self confident!

“Are you seeing someone?” A short phrase made of 4 simple words that all single ladies out there are probably tired of hearing. When friends and family around you seem to have no intention to give up throwing that question at you, the only answer you have learned to give yourself and to them is: UGHHHHHHH. Being single is hard, especially in our contemporary world where Instagram and Pinterest are filled with ‘couple goals’ pictures that seem to be there to remind you how lonely you are. The older you grow, the more the feeling of loneliness intensifies, but you need to get the positive side of your singleness, because one day you will remember how much time you could have dedicated to yourself when you were on your own. So, here are 5 simple tips for how to stay self confident and never lose hope after being single for definitely a long time.

Focus on your career

Whether you are a student or you are working, your period of singleness could be the perfect time to focus on you career. You could use your spare time to work extra hours, or if you are a student, gain some work experience. Ask your boss about that internal vacancy, apply for that promotion in your company. You will not regret investing your time and energy in something that will count a lot in the future, it works as one of the best ways for how to stay self confident.

Spend time with family and friends

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you should be miserable all days everyday waiting for the perfect guy to come. Get closer to your siblings or your parents and spend good quality time with them. Elderly people can even provide good advice on what to expect from future relationships and the mistakes to avoid if you don’t want your heart to be broken.


Invest time in a hobby you really enjoy

You will surprise yourself about how many things you can learn. Sign up for a baking course, learn a new language of take piano classes. Giving a go to creative activities will also release the stress and remove the weight of being single off from your shoulders. Or at least it will every time you show up to your classes.

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Get out there and have fun

You are too young to lose your confidence over being single. Make the most out of your single days, go out have fun and meet new people. You will never get your youth back so it is definitely not worth to stay home mourning day and night. Have fun and enjoy your singleness it will help with how to stay self confident.


Build and achieve your personal goals

Set some important personal goals ahead of you and work hard to achieve them. Weather they are academic goals, financial goals or even your appearance, use this time to improve yourself in all areas and aspects. And when the perfect match shows up, you will be at the best stage you could ever be to enter into a relationship: physically and psychologically ready.

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