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How To Spend A Weekend In Limerick

How To Spend A Weekend In Limerick

Once lectures finish on a Friday, it’s time to make the most of your Uni town of Limerick! Read on for a guide to the perfect weekend in Limerick.

Once lectures finish on a Friday, it’s time to make the most of your weekend in your Uni town of Limerick! I know people often deem Limerick as boring, but I’m going to tell how much our city has to offer! Read on for a guide to the perfect weekend in Limerick.

1. Morning Market Munching

I often enjoy spending my Saturday mornings in the Milk Market.  The marquee is full of independent stalls selling fresh international foods to vinyl.  Seating in the overhead balcony is an ideal spot for people watching while you munch away on a crepe or two!

2. Hunting Around The Hunt Museum

You can then roll over to the Hunt museum to educate yourself a little bit.  If you were born and raised in Limerick, I have no doubt that you have been dragged here during school trips.  However, returning to the museum as a student gives the place a new lease of life.  The hunt museum is currently displaying some exhibitions of Jack B Yeats and Paul Henry along with the Hunts own collection.



 3. Lunching Around Limerick

If you don’t fancy getting a coffee in the Hunt Museums café, I urge you to visit Hook and Ladder, a quirky little place with a wide range of choices for everyone.  In addition to this, this restaurant is ideal for the perfect Instagram opportunity!


4. Take A Stroll Along The River Shannon

Take a leisurely stroll along the River Shannon to work off your lunch. This walk takes around 30 minutes starting at Thomond bridge.

5. Saturday Night Fever

Depending on what kind of night you want Limerick is full of bars for all ages. I advise you enter bars such as Mickey Martins, The Locke and Pharmacia before 9 pm as they can get pretty packed after that time.  Also, the age limit for certain pubs and bars can rise after a certain time.


6. Sunday Zen

After a lie in on Sunday you can return to the Milk Market for Yoga with Vanessa at 11 am.  The class supplies mats you only have to bring yourself and a fiver! The class takes place on the balcony and leaves you feeling “zen” for the rest of the day.

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 7. Turning Back Time

King John’s Castle s another one of those must go’s if your living or just visiting Limerick. They’ve recently modernised the castle, so it’s easy to navigate about! You also get a great view of the city from one of the many balconies!



8. A Fishy Feast

To finish off your weekend have dinner and a few at the Curragower pub, a ten-minute walk for King John’s Castle. With a massive menu full of traditional food such as the classic fish and chip and outdoor seating, it’s easy to spend all night in this cosy pub restaurant.

How To Spend A Weekend In Limerick
Do you have any other tips for the perfect weekend in Limerick? Let us know in the comments below!
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