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How To Save Money As A Student

How To Save Money As A Student

While being a student has it's perks of meeting new people, partying, and learning; it also gets expensive. These tips will show you how to save money!
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As wonderful as it sounds, being a student isn’t always partying and going to gigs.  Unlike some, we don’t have an endless supply of money, so it can be challenging to save at times!  If you have a part time job, great! However, tying not to spend all your wages on nights out and shoes can be difficult! Read on to find out tips on how to save money as a student! Check out the YouTube channel Sugar Mamma for more money saving advice!

1. Saving Account

This is the very first thing you should do! Go to your local bank or credit union and open a separate savings account! It will be harder to take money out of this account, as opposed to your debit account!

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2. Budget

Step back in time to Junior Cert Business Studies and design a budget based on your income! Basically you will be allocating money to each aspect of your life!

5 little ways I earn & save money (but add up quickly!) //

3. Pack It Up

Instead of going to a café or to your uni canteen for lunch, bring your own!  Plan lunch with your friends and have a picnic in the rare Irish sun!



4. Bus Glamour

I’m aware that public transport is affordable, however if you’re really trying to scrip on cash, skip that daily bus and walk!  Every little bit counts, and two euros every day could save you a lot of money!

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5. Compare The Markets

If you’re broke af, but still want to stay up to date with the current trends, compare different stores.  For example, have a look on the Topshop website, then pop into Pennys and scout for a similar item! Chic as well as cheap!

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6. Do It Yourself

Instead of dining out with your bffs, why not suggest a dinner party, where each guest bring their own dish? You can practise your culinary skills as well as save some cash!


7. Clothes Swap

If you can’t afford a new outfit for a night out, have a clothes swap with some friends! Trade a pair of denim jeans for your friends sequin top! No money needed at all!

8. Downgrade Your Shopping

Let’s be honest, at this stage you are literally broke af, so instead of doing your weekly shop in Dunnes Stores or Tesco, try Lidl or Aldi for inexpensive deals on similar items.


How To Save Money As A Student
I hope these tips on how to save money as a student will help you out! Share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below!
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