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How to Rock The Slozy Look On A Budget

How to Rock The Slozy Look On A Budget

What is 'Slozy'? Here's how to rock the slozy look style on a budget and make it look expensive - just like your favorite celebs!

The British weather makes for wearing Slozy fashion all year round, be it a rainy day in springtime or a night out in December. Made popular in 2017 by the likes of Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner, I’m sure a lot of you have unknowingly adorned the Slozy look before it became a thing, or had its own word!

What is ‘Slozy’?

Slozy is the combination of the words ‘slutty’ and ‘cozy’. It is the art of wearing sexy clothing without foregoing comfort and still being able to showcase the best parts of yourself that you want out on display. Breathable fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and knits are all apart of the slozy aesthetic and can be dressed up with thigh high boots, or down with jeans and trainers.

Here’s how to rock the Slozy look without Ariana’s collection of Stuart Weitzman boots or Kylie’s Birkin Collection and make it look just as expensive.


Oversized Anything T-shirt dress

Yes – this is the most flexible item in a Slozy girl’s closet.

Wearing a dress has never been easier. Imagine having to be pulled and strapped into a tight corset and a heavy dress every day! The Slozy look is all about embracing comfort and wearing breathable fabrics that kiss the skin. It doesn’t have to be a body-con or reveal any of your shape whatsoever, thank the gods!

Oversized t-shirts, oversized jumpers, oversized cotton shirts, you name it. Slide into a pair of thigh-high boots to sex it up or sparkling stilettos to show off ALL the leg darling. If you want to keep it at max comfort, a pair of biker shorts and trainers will still have you looking fabulous and cosy. Shop them anywhere from to H&M on the high street.


Thigh High Just Works

Did I mention they pair well with that oversized everything? Yes? Okay.

Splashing out on shoes can’t be helped; male, female and everyone in between, we’ve all got more than a few. But, rather than spending upwards of £100 a pair, here are some gorgeous suede thigh high boots for under £60, with a thick block heel for added comfort. These are a compliment to short dresses that cover up the rest of the leg and only show the mid thighs- great for anyone who doesn’t like showing too much skin. Similarly, they can be worn with leggings in the winter to keep your legs warm.

Missguided | Slouchy Over-the-knee Boots

Make sure to spray the boots with protection spray so that they last all year round.


The widest range of affordable over-the-knee boots can be found at

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Be Lazy, Look Sexy

There’s a reason lounge-wear and athleisure have gotten so popular recently. With Fashion Nova’s viral grey lounge matching set sported by Kylie Jenner and the rise of velour tracksuits, it’s the perfect way to look great and feel the most comfortable.


How to make it Slozy? Wear a crop top or reveal a little more leg. Remember, no matter what you wear, a pair of heels automatically levels it up.

When in Doubt, Shoulders Out!

I cannot think of a better way to rock the Slozy style than showing a little decolletage with a Bardot top or dress.  An elongated neck, prominent collarbones, and pointed shoulders are perfectly suited to his look and the options are endless. From casual knitted tops that hug the body to flowing maxi dresses, there are a plethora of ways to wear Bardot that embody the Slozy look. This style is everywhere at the moment. For the perfect summer outfits, check out ASOS for a range of affordable brands and fits. 

Don’t forget to use your student discount!


What do you think? Would you embrace the Slozy look? If you already do, tell us what you love to wear in the comments!

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