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How To Revamp Your Wardrobe By Upcycling Pieces You Own

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe By Upcycling Pieces You Own

It is difficult having to buy new clothes when you are at univerity with a limited budget! Here are tips to upcycle your clothes and revamp your wardrobe!

One of the hardest things about being a student is suddenly having to pay bills, buy your own food and deal with adulting at its worst. An aspect of this is not having an endless budget for clothes – although I wish we could! So here are a few tips on how to revamp your wardrobe and stop you having to buy new pieces every season.  

1. Sew on pocket

To revamp a plain tired looking top to make it into a brand-new exciting look. You can either do this by sewing it on, or if you don’t have the skills or time you can buy iron on ones.  

2. Spice up your denim jacket

That old tatty denim jacket you got from your older sister when you were 13, try Iron on patches to personalise your jacket. You could iron on initials, your favourite tv show character faces, planets – I have seen so many cool ones. And customising your jacket will mean it is one of a kind! I guarantee you will get plenty of compliments for it too!  



3. Grab your scissors

Adapt your jeans into a cute pair of shorts for the summer. Or making your favourite pair of jeans into a skirt – if you aren’t the most comfortable at sewing or don’t own a sewing machine, I would watch plenty of YouTube tutorials before doing this one!  

Whilst you have scissors you can turn absolutely anything into a crop top. If you are bored of your old baggy hoodie, it can become a cute cropped one for summertime. Or if you want your old jumper to be spiced up, you can cut the sleeves and make it a sleeveless crop top. With cutting up your clothes, I would recommend using a ruler and marking the material first, if you want a clear cut.  


4. Customise your clutch

To customise any boring black clutch, there are so many options. From gluing on pom poms, old charms from bracelets or broken diamonds from old stud earrings. Try and mix up some pieces you own and you could come up with a unique clutch all of your friends are asking to borrow.  

5. For your old trainers

For the old pair of white trainers which are looking like they are ready for the bin. You can try and spray paint a cool design onto the trainers, if you use stensils and tape to stop it getting everywhere. This could also work for black suede boots, if you want to add some paint and designs to them.   

6. Funky pockets

Embellished pockets for jeans, shorts and skirts, stick on rhinestones and studs with glue to personalise your jeans for a unique look.  


7. For the concert goers

You finally have a use for all those old t-shirts you have been saving, you can sew these all together to make a cool blanket. You will be able to remember all the fun concerts and have a comfy, unique blanket to wrap around yourself.  

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8. Heart patches

If you want to spice up an old jumper or smart shirt, you can sew on cute heart patches onto the elbows to turn your shirt or jumper into a cute look.  


9. Update your leggings

Grab that old pair of leggings that are looking a bit old and a bleach pen and draw whatever designs you want onto them. I would draw my usual doodles of hearts and stars or for the artistic people it can be a huge art project.  

10. Lacy tops

For those old tops that you have grown out of, add some lace to the bottom to make the top longer. This can be added to crop tops to make them acceptable for work or university.  


After reading through the tips on how to revamp your wardrobe, it would be fun to hear some tips you guys have! I love learning new upcycling tips to save me having to buy new outfits! If you have any tips comment below and let us know.

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