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How To Remove False Lashes (Without Pulling Your Own Out)

How To Remove False Lashes (Without Pulling Your Own Out)

False eyelashes are super fun to play with and can change your whole entire look, but it's also important to maintain the quality of them. If you're wondering how to remove false lashes, this is the best way!

False lashes add instant glam to your look, whether you’re going out or staying natural, the look is classic and flatters everybody. It can be difficult for beginners, but with a little practice you can become a pro. Successfully removing it depends if it was placed on correctly. The lash band should always rest above the lash line making sure that the glue only adheres to skin. The glue should never touch your real eyelashes. If you lost some of your real lashes before, then the glue was either placed on incorrectly or it wasn’t an eyelash safe adhesive. Perfect it next time with these quick tips on how to remove false lashes!

1. Cotton Tips & Makeup Remover

Use a cotton tip that is gently soaked in makeup remover. Carefully run it across the lash band until you feel it becoming loose. The remover will make it easier to break down the lash glue.

2. Start To Pull From The Outer Corners

Gently pull from the outer corners of your eyes. Never pull from the inner corners because the skin in the inner corner is much more delicate. This part should not hurt, it might feel a little weird, but completely painless. This tip is great on how to remove false lashes!

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3. After Care

Viola! To clean the false lashes, soak it in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes and brush it through with a spoolie, until it’s dry. Store it back into the case to ensure the shape is preserved for future uses. Nothing is harder than applying false lashes with a straight band! Make sure to keep the band round when being stored. Your eyes are naturally curved, so it only makes sense that the band is too. Depending on the style of your falsies, you should be able to get 10-15 more uses. Synthetic hair is easier to clean and usually the band is thicker, which makes it much more durable. Natural hair falsies usually have a thinner band allowing it to go on smoother, which will make it more delicate to care for.

Do you have another great tip on how to remove false lashes? Let us know in the comments below!

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