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How To Pull Off The Vintage Look This Fall

How To Pull Off The Vintage Look This Fall

If you want to recreate a vintage look this fall then look no further! We have all the outfits you need to pull this style off!

Are you dying to look like the retro girl on Instagram who has dozens of suede skirts and denim dungarees at her disposal? Then this guide on how to pull off the vintage look this fall will give you some pointers on where to shop.

Gorgeous Gingham

Gingham dresses and skirts are stunning but we can never seem to find them in stores. There are tons of colours to choose from but black is a classic. Taylor Swift can pull it off and so can you. Pair it with a denim jacket or some cute Chelsea boots and you have the perfect fall outfit.

A similar dress can be found on Romwe and is much cheaper than what Taylor paid for hers!


Pair with some vintage sunglasses and you have your look!


Suede Skirts

Now, natural colours are very in in the fall, including the browns, reds and creams. Suede is very chic and available in a range of colours including brown, mustard or cherry. These are all fall colours and matched with the right striped top or jumper, it will work well.

This lighter coloured suede skirt from Forever 21 is perfect for chilly fall days matched with some tights and boots.


Matched with this gorgeous brown and white striped jumper, it will feel cosy but look fashionable.


The thing with velvet is, you either love it or you hate it, there’s no in between. But velvet was popular in the 80’s and has slowly made a comeback in the form of co-ords, dresses and even sportswear.


Matched with the right pointy shoes and clutch, this dress will give you a sexy look, perfect for fall dates or clubbing.

Red velvet is the most seductive of the colours but styled correctly, green or black would make you feel sexy as hell too.


Sweater Weather

Big sweaters will never go out of style. They are comfy, fashionable and warm; you can match your jumper with absolutely anything from dungarees and skirts to trousers and shorts. With so many styles to choose from as it gets colder, you’ll always have something to wear.


Match your outfit with some clunky Chelsea boots and thick tights and you have yourself an outfit for all day through work until date night!

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Checked Co-ords

Co-ords are easy because there’s no thought involved in what you’ll have to wear. You just slip in to your skirt and top and off you go! But the other great thing about co-ords is that you can mix and match what you wear; you could mix your top with your jeans or skirt with a jumper or blouse.

Checked clothes are always a great idea and can be matched with an array of colours and items. From mustard coloured co-ords to checked dresses, there’s something for everyone’s style.


Match your co-ord with some boots or flats, a cute handbag and a denim jacket and you have your vintage look sorted.



Pinafores are always super stylish for matching with thick jumpers and tights in the winter. Or a crop top and flats in the summer. You can have so many different coloured pinafores to match with your jumper and boots. Some of the best pinafore colours for fall are black, blue and red.

Match your pinafore with some cute cow boy boots and a hat for the perfect fall look.


We hope this post has given you some vintage look ideas and let us know in the comments what vintage looks you’ve been trying out.
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