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How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Autumn

How To Prepare Your Wardrobe For Autumn

It's time to start prepping your wardrobe for autumn! Here are some of our favorite autumn looks that will keep you stylish an comfortable!

I know it is difficult to imagine jumpers and coats in this heat wave but autumn isn’t too far off, so here are a few ways to help you prepare your wardrobe for autumn.

Firstly, when summer is over, put away all your summer clothes and give away all the clothes you haven’t worn the entire season. If you haven’t worn that summer dress for three months, then you should say your goodbyes. Once you give away the clothes you don’t wear and put the rest of your summer things on top of the wardrobe you need to take all you autumn/winter clothes out from the storage and give them a good wash.

Whilst you are putting your autumn clothes back in your wardrobe separate the ones you don’t like, that are too old or don’t fit and give them to a charity shops. I know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds but in this way, you will create more space in your wardrobe.


Make a Pinterest board

This might sound extremely lame, but it will save you money and help you create a style that you love and can stick to. Before you go out and splurge all your money on turtlenecks and trousers that don’t match, make yourself a Pinterest board. In this board, put all the outfit images you like and will match your aesthetics. So when you go shopping, you know what kind of style you are looking for. This will also make it easier for you to mix and match outfits.

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Colour scheme

Just like your Instagram, create yourself an autumnal colour scheme. Try to stick to neutral colours because it will be easier to mix and match your clothes. Burgundy, brown, black and grey are also wonderful for the season.



Autumn is perfect to dig out your hats and scarfs. Check all the accessories you own that is suitable for the season and see if you still like them or can match them to your new autumn wardrobe. If you can’t, then give them away and treat yourself to a new pair of boots or a nice warm scarf.

What’s your favorite wardrobe for autumn? Let us know in the comments!
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