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How To Prepare For Your First Year At Uni

How To Prepare For Your First Year At Uni

Knowing how to prepare for your first year at Uni is an important hurdle to tackle. We've got all of the tips and tricks you'll need!

You’ve been waiting for the first year at Uni all summer, and it’s finally here. You’re no doubt more nervous than you were for results day, your Mums cried twice already, and you’ve said your last goodbyes to your dog. You’re all set.

You’ll start young, naïve and unexpectant to all the things the next three years will hold.

But by the time you leave, you’ll feel ready for anything (and tired, so tired). The best advice for fresher’s week is make sure you go all out, you’ll only regret it in a few weeks when lectures have started and you have your first load of assignments dragging you down.

advice, advise, advisor


Besides there, here are a few other pointers on how to prepare yourself;

  • Make sure you have some photos for your room, even if you don’t get homesick usually, at some point you definitely will.
  • I know some can’t help it, but it may also be best to hold off going home until you’re settled in as otherwise it will become too easy to run home when it gets tough.
  • You can buy all the notebooks and pens you want, they won’t motivate you for a 9am lecture after a night out.
  • Take a blanket/throw, saves you taking your duvet around accommodation with you when it’s cold. You’ll thank me later.
  • Tea. Towels.
  • Take some flip flops for the communal showers. Even though they’ll be cleaned (hopefully) every day, but you may feel more comfortable with them.
  • Besides your flip flops – invest in some sliders because they’re SO convenient. Going the library? Campus shop? Cash point? Even the bar? You’ll probably find that virtually everyone is wearing them.
  • When you’re choosing plates/cutlery/glasses, choose ones that stand out or they will be robbed, and you’ll have no chance at claiming them back.
  • For a lot of people, this is their first time away from home without parents watching their every move, so be prepared for people going all out and making a show of themselves, but don’t let it be you. Your friends will never let you forget it.
  • Make sure you have an extension lead with you, because if you’re building is slightly older, they probably won’t have any plugs by the bed.

I’m not sure you can truly be prepared for what is about to come when you start university for the first time.

Everyone’s experiences will be different but remember that everyone is in the same boat as you and they won’t know anyone either. Be kind and make friends! That’s the best you can do.

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Do you have any other tips that we haven’t mentioned for your first year at Uni? Any vital things you should take for your first year at Uni but won’t think of? Let us know in the comments!
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