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This Is How To Prepare For University Life When You’re Totally Unprepared

This Is How To Prepare For University Life When You’re Totally Unprepared

Getting ready to head off to university can be intimidating.These 10 steps will teach you how to prepare for university, even if you're completely unprepared.

Your application’s been sent off, you’ve confirmed your choices, you might have even got your results already. All that’s left to do is wait until September, when a huge new chapter of your life will begin. The only thing is, you’re totally not ready. How do you even get ready for the unknown? Not to fear! These 10 steps will teach you how to prepare for university, even if you’re completely unprepared.

1. Get your hands on some nice stationery.

Although a lot of work will be done on your laptop, you’re still gonna need a ton of stationery. If like me you are a notebook addict, preparing for university is an excellent excuse for a trip to Paperchase, and a few nice pens and pads of paper should make you feel a bit more zen about your first lecture.

2. Invest in a good planner.

Whether you’re a fan of the bullet notebook or a classic Moleskine diary, a good quality planner is imperative when you’re starting to prepare for university. In your first few days alone, you’re likely to have meetings, social events and admin that needs to be done – if you’ve already got your planner, this will be so much easier to organise.


3. Collect photos and trinkets to remind you of home.

In the days leading up to the Big Move, it can be easy to forget more personal items when you’re packing. Find a few old photos that you want to bring with you – maybe decorate their frames. Choose which cuddly toys are coming. Knowing that you will have these things with you should chill you out while you prepare for university.

4. Learn to cook three cheap and nutritious meals.

You might already be a pro chef, but if not, it can never hurt to ask a parent or friend to teach you how to cook a few easy meals. Being left to fend for yourself for the first time is a daunting prospect, so this is a great way to prepare for university life. Just make sure the meals are cheap to make (your student budget will thank you) and relatively healthy – you’ll need the energy!

5. Stock up on vitamins.

Never will you see people looking more run down than at university. Between the nights out clubbing and late nights in the library, your body and immune system might take a bit of a beating those first few months. It’s a good idea to stock up on vitamins as you prepare for university – especially vitamin C, to fight off colds and bugs. Freshers Flu is very real!


6. Plan your budget.

This is so important. When you get your student maintenance loan, you might feel like you have a lot of money in the bank. I promise you, it will not last unless you plan carefully. This is a great way to prepare for university living – have a look online at realistic student budgets, download a budgeting app, maybe even create a spreadsheet if that’s your thing. Having your money under control will make everything else so much easier!

7. Read around your subject.

Most universities will have reading lists for individual subjects on their websites. It’s not a bad idea to do a bit of reading beforehand to prepare for uni – you’ll feel much more confident when you get to your first lecture, and it might even give you an idea of the areas you’d like to specify in. Plus, reading is good for the soul!

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8. Insure all your belongings.

Drunken nights out, rushing to and from lectures and flat parties all mean that your belongings are liable to either go missing or be damaged. Have a shop around for the best contents insurance policy – it’ll be one thing off your mind as you prepare for university.

9. Join the freshers Facebook group.

Most universities have Facebook groups exclusively for freshers to join. Here, you can ask questions about what’s to come, see tips from other incoming students, and also make friends. Keep an eye out for people who will be living on your accommodation block, or on your course! Having a few friendly faces to look out for before you go is a great way to feel more prepared for university life.

10. Most importantly, relax!

The summer between A-Levels and university may be one of the last chances you have to truly chill out. No more revision, no stress, it’s a good time to refresh before the next academic year. Think of it as the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. One of the best ways to prepare for university is to make sure you’re heading there with a clear and calm state of mind. Meditate, read, lie in the sun – you deserve it!

Got any more tips for how to prepare for university? Let us know in the comments below!
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