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How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

If you have an important event coming up which will require you to get all dolled up, then you must prepare. In order for your makeup to be applied and look perfect, you have to prepare your skin for full glam. Get ready to start pampering ladies, you will look like an A-list celeb for your big event!

Two Weeks Before 

Now, this may seem a little over the top if you are not used to pampering, but about a week or two before the event you will need to start detoxing your skin. Make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water. Your skin will look hydrated, plump, and you will clear any breakouts. This is the time to break out your face masks.

Two weeks or ten days before you should use a detoxifying face mask, this will ensure that any underlying breakouts will be brought to the surface and have time to clear before the big day or night. Feel free to use an exfoliating face scrub around this time, don’t overdo it, this will cause more breakouts. Use a vitamin face oil a couple nights a week as well in order to make your skin look dewy and vibrant. If you really want to treat your skin get yourself a facial.


If you are making it two weeks before the event then this gives you enough time to get a deep clean facial, one that includes extractions. Your skin will be able to heal and revitalise before the event. This is a super fun thing to treat yourself to while prepping for an event. 

How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

One Week Before 

About a week or a few days before using an illuminating and brightening face mask. This will make your skin look brightened and dewy. At this time use a pore strip as well. Continue using your face oils, in order to make sure your skin is super supple and bright. If your skin does not respond well to excess face treatments, feel free to pick and choose which steps you think will work best for your skin.


You know your skin, so do what you think will work best. The most important thing to do throughout this whole time is to keep drinking water. Try to drink about two litres a day. This will make a huge difference especially if you are not drinking a lot of water on a daily basis. If you are like me and you get a random breakout at the worst of times, keep a spot treatment on hand.

Make sure you are able to attack a breakout at a moments notice so that it has plenty of time to calm down before the event. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep on the lead up to the event. If you are lacking sleep, it can cause a multitude of things to go downhill, particularly on your skin.

The skin on your face shows through everything that is not functioning great within your body. Set a bedtime so that your adequate time to relax and fall asleep at a reasonable time. Make sure this is a priority of yours when preparing for a special event. It is more important than you know. 


How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

Days Before 

Continue regular cleansing, moisturising and face oils. When applying your face oils, give your skin a massage. This will help to improve the blood flow to the skin. Improving circulation will help to make sure your skin is brightened and not dull. This is super important to achieve a glowy makeup look.

It starts from within. Use some under-eye patches every so often to help to de-puff the eyes. If you suffer from puffy under eyes regularly, then this is definitely a step you should take. This will help to combat your under-eye puffiness and darkness, if it is a bit stubborn then this step is a must!

If you plan on getting your eyebrows or upper lip waxed prior to the event, make sure you are applying aloe vera to the redness to help it calm down. If you have sensitive skin then try to avoid applying products onto the inflamed skin. Applying anything else besides aloe could make the inflammation worse. You will be full glam ready!

How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

The Day Of 

Before you get into painting your face. Exfoliate. Use a gentle face scrub to get off any dead skin and smooth the surface of your skin. This will ensure that your makeup applies super smoothly and does not catch on any dry skin patches. After you have exfoliated and cleansed, moisturise.

Make sure that you allow a couple hours for the moisturiser to sink into the skin. If you don’t your makeup will have a slick surface, therefore your makeup will not stay on long at all and that’s a waste of your glam. Apply some under-eye patches to de-puff the under eyes and help to brighten and smooth the under-eye skin. This can offer a cooling touch will can help you to feel more awake so that your eyes are open and wide.

Especially if your event is an exciting one, you may not get too much sleep the night before. Allowing your moisturiser to sit and soak into the skin, is the same rule for makeup primer, now you don’t need to allow hours for this to sink into but just about 10-15 minutes, this will make sure that your primer is not simply sitting on the surface of your skin. Use a lip scrub to prep your pout for any lip products.

Once you have scrubbed any dead skin off of your lips, apply some lip balm. Keep the lip balm on while you are doing your makeup, your lips will be kept hydrated and smoothed until they are ready for lipstick or any lip product that you plan on wearing for your event.  Now you are ready to start your glam! 

How To Prep Your Face For Full Glam

Are you ready to try out these full glam prep tips before a big event? Let us know if they helped you out!

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