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How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are the perfect way to fit in a mini vacation within your schedule. Here are some of the best tipsto plan the absolute best weekend getaway

Planning a weekend getaway is the perfect way to fit a mini vacation in with your busy life schedule. There are many essential steps that go into planning a seamless getaway to ensure you make the most out of the small time you have for your vacation.

Making sure you have your travel and accommodation planned and all your activities figured out are key steps to having a great weekend getaway. Here are our best tips and tricks to make the most out of your mini vacation!

Get Your Travel Buddies Together

The first step to planning your weekend getaway is to decide who you are going with. Figure out if you are flying solo, going as a dynamic duo or travelling in a large group. Knowing how many people you are travelling with will help you make the rest of the decisions – for example, if there are 6 or more in the group then that is more than will fit in one car and will affect your travel.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Picking The Perfect Location

Picking the perfect location for your weekend getaway is one of the most essential steps. The location you pick should represent you and what you love. If you are drawn to the sea, make it a coastal getaway. If you feel more at home immersed in nature, then you should go camping.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Plan How You Will Get There

Once you have picked the location for your weekend getaway, you then need to plan transportation. The factors you should consider when planning include distance, public transport options, car accessibility and gear you need to take with you. For example, if it is far away then you should fly but if you are going camping then you should take your car, so you have all of your gear with you.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Consider Accommodation Options

The next step to planning your weekend getaway is to consider your accommodation options. Compare the different types of accommodation for cost, quality, and space. Your options may include hotel, Airbnb, caravan park, or hostel.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Pack Food

You should pack lots of food for your weekend getaway, and not only car snacks! Pack easy dinners and lunches and lots of breakfast foods so you don’t solely have to rely on takeout or dining out. This will help keep your costs down.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Create A Playlist

Create a playlist for your weekend getaway so you are able to turn on music at any point throughout the weekend without having to select songs. This will also give you some awesome memories to reminisce on whenever you hear those songs.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

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Keep Your Luggage Light

There is nothing worse over a vacation than having to lug around heavy bags. Your weekend getaway is only short, so make sure you are packing the essentials and not bringing any unnecessary things.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Make It A Long Weekend

Extend your weekend getaway by planning it for a long weekend (or taking a couple days of annual leave), to take it from a two-day trip to a four-day trip. Another tip is to leave on a Thursday night and return on a Sunday evening to really make the most out of the few days.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

Plan Activities

Since a weekend getaway is only a few days, it is best to check out what activities are available and plan them in advance. Figure out what there is to see and to do, like hiking trails, kayaking, art exhibitions, or local markets, and plan what days you would like to do things to make the most of the weekend.

How To Plan A Great Weekend Getaway

We hope these steps, tips, and tricks help you to plan the best weekend getaway possible! Share this article with your friends and start planning your mini vacation today!

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