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How To Personalise Your Dorm Room To Make It Feel Like Yours

How To Personalise Your Dorm Room To Make It Feel Like Yours

It can be hard to adjust into your new surroundings, but you can personalise your dorm to make it a place you want to be - makes adjusting so much easiser.

It can be hard moving into a new room, which isn’t personalised to you and you know you are limited because you won’t be there long! Here are some tips to personalise your dorm room to make your space feel like your own, without annoying anyone by ruining the walls or anything. But by just putting some personalised touches around to feel like you have your own space. A space to come back to when university lectures are driving you insane! 

1. Hang up some fairy lights  

You can get these from any cheap store, I got some from the pound shop or Wilkinsons, but find the ones that plug into the wall, rather than batteries – or find rechargeable batteries. Hang them around your room, around the bedframe, mirror, or along the ceiling. If you are unable to pin things into the wall, you can get a cheap plastic fishbowl (which you can always use for an amazing fishbowl cocktail for when you have people over) & place your fairy lights inside for a cute homely look.  

2. Print off a few photos  

Print off some photos of loved ones, from Snapchat, Facebook or even childhood ones, having some photos of the people you love will brighten up your room easily. If you have the time, energy and funds, you could make a pin board with all your photos to showcase all your stunning photos. Otherwise, you can get a piece of string and attach it to two walls and just attach the photos to the string. If that isn’t your style simply place them around the room!  


3. Your bedding  

Lots of university halls supply you with your own bedding, this is so impersonal and doesn’t allow you to sum up your personality at all. Invest in your own bed sheets and it will help your room feel like yours from home immediately. Whether you like to sleep on silk sheets, your favourite football team or your dog’s face, but this small thing will make your home feel cosy and more personal!  

4. Bring something comforting from home 

For everybody this will be something different, I have seen friends bring teddy bears they have had their whole lives, to pillows, blankets or ornaments to help personalise your dorm. Having this little piece of home in your dorm room will make it personal to you and will incorporate your home life, with your university life. But make sure to keep this special part of your life safe. Don’t let a drunk roommate be sick on your most prized possession. Kepp this in mind when bringing your special possessions to university with you.  

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5. Decorate it as much as you can 

If you are able to stick things on the walls, stick up a poster of your favourite film, or a canvas picture of your favourite city. These little touches will change your room to being a place where hundreds of other students have stayed, to somewhere that begins to feel like home. If you can’t hang things on the walls you can put stand up photo frames in the window or along the sides of your room. There are ways around the no putting things up on the walls!  

6. Putting down a small rug  

If you have one from home you can use, or have money to buy a small rug, this small touch will help personalise your dorm room to help it feel more homely with minimal effort. And also, if you have a little rug on the floor, if you spill something you may possibly still get your deposit back. Although for most student I know this is a rarity! In my first-year house, my lovely roommate thought it would be a good idea to drop the saucepan on fire onto the carpet – she lost her portion of the deposit and luckily ours were saved!  

These are a few tips on how to personalise your dorm; if you have any cool ideas you used, let us know and we can share them!  

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